CANARIE - Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research


The Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research (DAIR)

  • Get to market faster.

  • Reduce your product development costs.

DAIR leverages Canada’s investment in CANARIE and our research and education network to provide Canada’s high-tech entrepreneurs access to free cloud-based compute and storage resources to help them rev up product development and gain a competitive edge in the global market.

Compared to commercial cloud services, DAIR offers high-performance resources, no hidden costs (no costs at all) and the assurance that your data stays in Canada.

Current users leverage DAIR to develop, test, and demonstrate a range of products, including offerings in mobile applications, multimedia offerings, IT security systems, and many more.

What You Get 

DAIR provides entrepreneurs free self-serve access to 4 high performance virtual servers.  By comparison, a year of using similar resources on commercial cloud provider Amazon AWS would cost a minimum of $2,800 USD and on Rackspace a minimum of $2,100 USD.

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