Canarie - About the Network


Connected Institutions

CANARIE is Canada’s national network backbone, providing interprovincial and international connections to institutions that are connected to provincial and territorial advanced networks.

CANARIE works closely with 12 Optical Regional Advanced Networks (ORANs) to deliver the advanced networking capability required by Canadian researchers, educators, and innovators. ORANs connect users inside a province, while the CANARIE national backbone connects these users to others across the country and around the world.

To contact your ORAN - and learn how to connect to the ultra-high-speed network - visit our How to Get Connected page.

CANARIE connects over

  • 89 universities, 101 colleges, and 47 CEGEPS
  • 127 provincial and federal government labs and research parks
  • 62 hospitals and health networks
  • 24 cultural institutions
  • more than 2,000 K-12 schools
  • 12 provincial and territorial optical network partners
  • 100+ international peer networks in 100 countries and other partners in Canada's innovation system.

For a complete list by province, please see below.

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Map of Canada BCNET, British Columbia Yukon Aurora College, NWT Cybera, Alberta SRnet, Saskatchewan MRnet, Manitoba ORION, Ontario Québec ACORN-NL, Newfoundland and Labrador New Brunswick ACORN-NS, Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island


British Columbia    

Through BCNET, CANARIE connects:

62 K-12 School districts
47 Colleges and Universities
14 Federal labs and cultural institutions
13 Provincial health institutions
2 Consortia
2 Municipal institutions (libraries)



Through Cybera, CANARIE connects:

604 K-12 schools in 19 school boards
17 Colleges and Universities
1 Federal lab
1 Consortium
3 Provincial institutions
4 Industry connections
1 Municipal institution (library)



Through SRnet, CANARIE connects:

16 Colleges and Universities
9 Federal departments and labs
13 Consortium
7 Provincial labs and health centres
3 Industry connections
2 Research parks



Through MRnet, CANARIE connects:

596 K-12 schools through 38 school boards and divisions
12 Colleges and Universities
5 Federal lab
2 Consortia
1 Provincial health centre
2 Industry connections
1 Research park



Through ORION, CANARIE connects:

22 K-12 school boards
48 Colleges and Universities
14 Federal institutions
3 Consortia
19 Provincial institutions
4 Industry connections
1 Municipal (library)



Through RISQ, CANARIE connects:

72 Cégeps and Universities
16 Federal institutions
1 Consortium
9 Provincial institutions
2 Industry connections


New Brunswick    

Through our partners at the University of New Brunswick, CANARIE connects:

8 K-12 school districts
25 Colleges and Universities
3 Federal institutions
1 Provincial institution


Nova Scotia    

Through ACORN-NS, CANARIE connects:

33 Colleges and Universities
5 Federal institutions
2 Industry connections
15 Provincial institutions, including Department of Education (K-12 schools)


Prince Edward Island    

Through our partners at the University of Prince Edward Island, CANARIE connects:

15 Colleges and Universities
1 Federal institution
1 Department of Education (K-12 schools)


Newfoundland and Labrador    

Through ACORN-NL, CANARIE connects:

4 Colleges and Universities
1 Consortium
1 Federal institution
2 Provincial connections
2 Schools (K-12)


Northwest Territories    

Through our partners at Aurora College, CANARIE connects:

57 Schools (K-12)
32 Colleges
22 Provincial institutions



Through our partners at Yukon College, CANARIE connects:

31 Schools (K-12)
13 Colleges
40 Provincial institutions