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CANARIE's Programs

CANARIE's programs help to advance digital infrastructure in support of research, education, and innovation in Canada. These programs support CANARIE's overall objectives of expanding the reach and capacity of the network and fostering technology innovations that enable ease of access to research data and tools.

  • Research Software Program | Network-Enabled Platforms and Research Platform Interfaces
    This program addresses a gap in research software platforms that leaves many researchers unable to access and use valuable digital resources. It is a continuation of the Network-Enabled Platforms program. You can read about some of the innovative tools developed under that program here.
  • Network Alliance Programs | Network Alliance Infrastructure and Network Alliance Development
    The purpose of CANARIE’s Network Alliance programs is to strengthen the pan-Canadian network and raise the visibility of this essential digital infrastructure.
  • Legacy Programs | In its previous mandate, CANARIE supported the expansion of the network and the flexible use of distributed research data and tools through the Lightpaths program and the Infrastructure Extension Program.