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Who We Are

We’re a small team of dedicated thinkers, innovators, and problem-solvers. Our team is positive, passionate, and collaborative.

We are athletes and book lovers, artists and carpenters, pastry chefs and veterans. Most important, we share a passion for learning, science, and technology. Our personalities, experiences, and interests are beautifully diverse and our unique perspectives help shape everything we do.

What We Do

We collaborate with Canada’s higher ed community, entrepreneurs, and government partners to ensure that Canada’s bright researchers, students, faculty, and entrepreneurs benefit from the technologies and tools that are critical to their success. With our partners across the country, we work to ensure that Canada leads in research and innovation.

Why We Do It

Because our collective future depends on it. The benefits of new transformative technologies developed by entrepreneurs, the life-changing discoveries made by researchers, and the economic prosperity that comes from a highly skilled workforce have the power to improve our lives and the life of our planet. Our motivation is to give Canada’s entrepreneurs, researchers, and students the infrastructure they need to get to discovery and innovation faster.

Our Values

At CANARIE, our team is everything. Collaboration and success go hand-in-hand and our core values shape our decisions and plans:

  • Service: Anticipating our stakeholders’ needs and being reliable in responding to these needs
  • Teamwork: Respecting and supporting our colleagues, based on a collaborative and cooperative mindset
  • Innovation: Striving for better, faster, more creative ways of delivering value to Canadians
  • Quality: A commitment to excellence in all we do
  • Integrity: A commitment to ethical and transparent decisions and interactions

Current career opportunities

Executive Administrator

The Executive Administrator is accountable for providing efficient and effective high-level executive support, office co-ordination, and confidential secretarial support for the executive team and for the Board of Directors and its committees. Read more.

Manager, Human Resources

The Manager, Human Resources is accountable for managing CANARIE’s Human Resources processes and activities. Read more.

Manager, Program Marketing

The Manager, Program Marketing is accountable for program awareness and marketing strategies to increase the adoption of CANARIE programs and services. Read more.

Program Manager, Cybersecurity Initiatives

The Program Manager, Cybersecurity Initiatives is accountable for the planning, design and execution of the Security Program, encompassing initiatives related to people, tools and processes that continually improve the cybersecurity posture of research, education and innovation institutions. Read more.

Software Developer

The Software Developer is accountable for designing, developing, installing and maintaining software to support CANARIE’s programs. Read more.

Test Engineer

The Test Engineer is accountable for defining and driving the integration test strategy in support of CANARIE’s Research Software and Network programs. This position is very hands-on and includes a significant automated test development component along with manual testing where necessary. Read more.