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  • 1 million number of Canadians with access to the CANARIE network
  • 900+ Current number of Canadian entrepreneurs and businesses using CANARIE’s DAIR cloud service
  • 70 Number of cross-disciplinary Software Services that analyze big-data and support mass collaboration, free for use by the scientific research community
  • 172,000 Annual traffic, in Terabytes, carried by the CANARIE network in 2015
  • 31,000 Length in KM of CANARIE’s coast-to-coast ultra-high-speed research and education network
  • 99.95% CANARIE network’s up-time in 2015
  • 75 Canadian universities and colleges currently participating in the Canadian Access Federation (CAF)
  • 10 million+ Number of eduroam log-ins that CANARIE manages each month to enable students and faculty to roam at visited institutions
  • 50 percent by which traffic on the CANARIE network has been growing over the past several years
  • For more information, view CANARIE’s Corporate Review here.