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Today’s research and education resources are globally dispersed. To support Canadians’ access to these resources, CANARIE’s Federated Identity Management (FIM) service is available to staff, students and faculty of academic and research institutions participating in the Canadian Access Federation (CAF). CAF participants benefit from secure and seamless mobile access to the Internet and digital content nationwide and around the world, by simply using the login credentials of their home institution.


Participation in Canadian Access Federation opens the door to a world of collaborative research and learning opportunities, made available through a global ecosystem of identity federations. CANARIE’s Federated Identity Management service is the Canadian academic community’s passport to roam, learn and discover at participating academic & research institutions around the world, all with 1 ID and 1 password. Learn more about CANARIE’s Identity Management Program.

CANARIE’s Content Delivery Service (CDS) gives Canada’s research and education community faster access to Internet-based resources and content, without increasing Internet transit costs. Educational institutions are expected to save over $1 million per year through the use of this service. Learn more about CANARIE’s Content Delivery Services.