DAIR Cloud Blog: Canadian entrepreneurs are creating new businesses based on the transformative power of the cloud

Posted by Susan St. Maurice – Director, Technology Development

Some of these new businesses, like Halifax’s topLog, tested and perfected their business applications in a simulated customer environment via CANARIE’s DAIR program, which offers free cloud resources to small and medium-sized businesses.

topLog offers companies the ability to predict system and applications failures, and in doing so reduces costly downtime.  Its software uses proprietary pattern detection algorithms that significantly reduces the time to discover and address these issues.

“Most system or application failures take hours to resolve, with 80% of that time spent on discovering the source of the problem. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, a time consuming and largely manual process,” said Ozge Yeloglu, computer scientist and topLog’s cofounder. “We’ve developed a powerful tool that does the heavy lifting for IT Operations teams, monitoring logs in real time to find problems before they lead to service interruptions.”

The ability to quickly scale up using DAIR’s cloud resources enabled topLog to test their product in a simulated customer environment without spending precious resources purchasing hardware. And that meant that more of topLog’s resources could be devoted to product development and commercialization.

Want to find out more about topLog? Visit their website at http://toplog.io.