A Note from the President: Post-budget message

CANARIE applauds the Government of Canada for the investments in research excellence, innovation and knowledge mobilization announced in Budget 2014. As Minister Flaherty highlighted in his speech, “investments in science and technology help Canadian businesses remain competitive while creating high-paying jobs”.

CANARIE provides the foundational digital infrastructure, services and software tools that support and accelerate Canadian research excellence and innovation. Some notable investments that we believe will position Canada to seize opportunities for leadership include:

  • Creation of the Canada First Research Excellence Fund to help Canadian post-secondary institutions excel in the global race to drive innovation, through the creation of new knowledge;
  • Additional ongoing funding for the research granting councils;
  • Continued funding for TRIUMF – Canada’s premier physics laboratory;
  • Investments in the Institute for Quantum Computing;
  • Additional funding for Canada’s business accelerators and incubators; and
  • Creation of an Open Data Institute to help encourage open access to valuable digital data.

CANARIE looks forward to working with the research and education community and the Government of Canada to deploy the digital infrastructure and services that optimize these investments and strengthen Canada’s knowledge economy.