CANARIE Launches CEO Succession Process

Jim Roche stepping down as President and CEO after successful term at helm of key player in Canada’s digital infrastructure ecosystem.

CANARIE, operator of Canada’s research and innovation network, today announced that Jim Roche, President and CEO, will step down from his position. The Board of CANARIE is undertaking a formal search process, and while this is underway Mr. Roche will remain in the role until a successor is appointed.


Jim Roche became CANARIE’s President and CEO in January 2010, when he stepped down as Chairman of the Board to take on strategic and operational responsibility for the organization. During his time as CEO, he has shepherded the organization through a number of key milestones, including its mandate renewal campaign.

The timing of the leadership succession aligns with the current and planned activities of the organization. CANARIE is halfway through its current mandate and is well underway in executing against its strategic objectives of evolving Canada’s world-class collaboration network, leading technology innovation, and stimulating the information and technology sectors, and will soon launch the development process for its strategic plan for 2015 – 2020.


“I want to extend to Jim the sincere thanks of the Board for his tremendous contribution to CANARIE, and his success in strengthening CANARIE’s impact on the research and innovation community,” says Dr. Howard Brunt, Chair of the CANARIE Board of Directors. “Under Jim’s leadership CANARIE has extended the capacity and reach of the research and education network, while leading CANARIE’s efforts in developing research software tools and in leveraging the network to offer cloud-based testbed infrastructure to Canadian entrepreneurs. He has made a lasting contribution to Canada’s digital infrastructure ecosystem and the research, education and innovation it supports. We are delighted that he will be continuing as President and CEO until we have successfully completed the search process. Jim’s passion for entrepreneurship and business meant that we knew he was “on loan” to CANARIE and we look forward to his continued engagement with the organization when he returns to the private sector.”

“It has been an honour to lead CANARIE and to contribute to the digital infrastructure ecosystem that is so critical to Canada’s future,” says Jim Roche. “Working with the excellent and dedicated team at CANARIE, and with representatives of Canada’s education, research, innovation and government sectors, has been an enriching experience. I am truly grateful for the opportunity and am excited by the future potential of this world-leading organization.”

“Jim has demonstrated how infrastructure can be leveraged in innovative ways to deliver greater value to stakeholders,” says Robin Winsor, President and CEO of Cybera, Alberta’s advanced research and education network. “He leaves a legacy of innovation and impact within CANARIE and among Canada’s research, education and innovation communities. On a personal note, I wish Jim all the best in his future endeavours, as I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him.”

Jim Roche, President and CEO of CANARIE


For more information, please contact:

Wynn Anne Sibbald Communications Manager CANARIE
(613) 943-5432


CANARIE designs, delivers, and drives the adoption of digital infrastructure for Canada’s research and education communities. CANARIE keeps Canada at the forefront of digital research and innovation, fundamental to a vibrant digital economy.

CANARIE’s roots are in advanced networking, and CANARIE continues to evolve the national ultra- high-speed backbone network that enables data-intensive, leading-edge research and big science across Canada and around the world. One million researchers, scientists and students at over 1,100 Canadian institutions, including universities, colleges, research institutes, hospitals, and government laboratories have access to the CANARIE Network.

CANARIE also leads the development of research software tools that enable researchers to more quickly and easily access research data, tools, and peers. In support of Canada’s high-tech entrepreneurs, CANARIE offers cloud-computing services to help them accelerate product development and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

CANARIE, together with twelve provincial and territorial network partners, forms Canada’s advanced network alliance. This powerful digital infrastructure connects Canada’s researchers and innovators provincially, nationally, and globally to the data, tools, colleagues, and classrooms that are at the heart of prosperity in the digital economy.

Established in 1993, CANARIE is a non-profit corporation, with the major investment in its programs and activities provided by the Government of Canada.