2015 Highlights

CANARIE is grateful for the support of its partners, sponsors, speakers, and attendees who helped make this year’s Summit a success. We look forward to welcoming you to our 2016 National Summit in Montreal. Stay tuned for more details on next year’s Summit.


Thoughts from Attendees

“Highlights include having all attendees in the same room, venue is great, opening and closing keynotes were very interesting and engaging. CANARIE staff are very engaging and professional, networking is always great. Oh yes, throw the mic was quite engaging.”

“The diverse group of speakers provided a fertile mix of ideas and topics to engage others in conversation and debate.  I had a good number of discussions with other attendees, whom I had not met before, about some of the speakers’ topics.  It makes the trip intellectually stimulating, and well worth the effort to attend.”

“Refreshing to see such strong female speakers.”

“The keynotes were an excellent choice, setting the conversation for the rest of the Summit. Hearing about the latest trends in research and innovation is one of the reasons why I regularly attend the Summit.”

“As we are attending the CANARIE National Summit, finding out from presenters what their connection/affiliation is to CANARIE (if any), how CANARIE fits into their work/life/presentation.”

Attendees (click to enlarge)

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