Jennifer Gardy

Jennifer-Gardy-crop-bwJennifer Gardy

Senior Scientist, BC Centre for Disease Control

Keynote Speaker

Jennifer Gardy’s enthusiasm for science is refreshing. Called “the new Suzuki” by the Globe and Mail, she is a senior scientist at the BC Centre for Disease Control and was guest host for one of the highest-rated Nature of Things specials. She communicates, with immense charm and energy, the impact of science on our everyday lives.

Gardy is a scientist at the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, where she hunts for the newest deadly diseases before they spread. In her talks, and in her work as a guest host on The Nature of Things, Gardy challenges our most commonly held beliefs to uncover the truth behind our folklore. Does drinking alcohol on a cold day really warm you up? Does eating grilled meat really increase your risk of cancer? And, do we really lose most of our body heat through our head? Gardy tackles these questions—and more—in her fascinating and engaging talks.