Ray Sharma

Ray Sharma

Founder and CEO of Extreme Venture Partners (EVP)

Ray Sharma is the founder and CEO of Extreme Venture Partners (EVP). EVP is a development venture firm, with unique accomplishments and investment returns. EVP’s investment fund is paired with a development organization to ensure due diligence and to enhance the return on investment. These development organizations include Extreme Innovations, a startup services specialty developer; Extreme Accelerator, a next-gen accelerator with a focus on bringing international startups to Toronto;  and Xtreme Labs, Canada’s largest mobile app developer (at time of sale). In addition to his role at EVP, Ray is a member of the Ontario Judicial Council, a trustee of the Royal Ontario Museum, a member of the National Council of the CD Howe Institute, and is the founder and leader of national hackathon competitions including the Great Canadian Appathon, Canadian Open Data Experience (CODE), and Hackergals.

5G and its Impact to Applications | Tuesday, November 14 at 2:30 PM

(Please note that all Summit sessions will be presented in English)

Next-generation 5G mobile networks are touted as catalysts for the next revolution in mobile technology, as multi-gig speeds open up new opportunities for innovation. But speed increases are not the only story.  As well as being 100 times faster than 4G, 5G will also deliver significant decreases in latency. In combination, these advances will rock the status quo in software development, user experience and applications. Ray, a seasoned entrepreneur and venture capitalist, will discuss how 5G networking will transform our mobile lives and become central to strategic investment decisions of venture capitalists in Canada and around the world.