Samy Kamkar

kamkarSamy Kamkar

Hacker, Whistleblower, Entrepreneur

Samy Kamkar is an independent security researcher, best known for creating The MySpace worm, the fastest spreading virus of all time. His open source software, hardware and research highlights the insecurities and privacy implications in everyday technologies, from the Evercookie which produces virtually immutable respawning cookies, to SkyJack, a drone that wirelessly hijacks and autonomously controls other drones. His work has been cited by the NSA, triggered hearings on Capitol Hill, and has been the basis for security advancements across virtually all major web browsers, smartphones, and other technologies.

Tuesday, October 1 at 9:45 AM – From Black Hat to White Hat

Samy Kamkar’s journey in cyberspace started when he was just a child and was himself the victim of hackers. This sparked both fear and excitement, prompting Samy to closely study digital technologies and then dive headfirst into the hacker universe with the creation of the “myspace worm”, the fastest growing computer virus ever. The lessons of that experience (and a visit from the Secret Service) turned Samy towards White Hat activities, examining the roles and methods of today’s cybercriminals. Now a White Hat hacker, Samy will discuss the future of cyberattacks and exploitation, and provide a fascinating look into the new research that criminals, governments and researchers are producing to compromise critical infrastructures and data stores.