Tyson Johnson

Tyson Johnson

Chief Operating Officer, CyberNB

Tyson has worked in both the public and private sectors over the course of his career.  Starting in the Federal civil service, Tyson developed hands-on experience across the entire spectrum of issues facing Canada’s foreign and domestic threats.  He worked closely with government agencies in Canada and abroad to collaborate and achieve successful outcomes.

After departing the Government of Canada, Tyson spent the next number of years building and supporting enterprise risk management programs for multinational organizations in both financial services and electronics manufacturing.

As COO at CyberNB since 2016, Tyson and his team work with business, academia and government to increase the cyber talent pipeline, foster technical innovation, and support business growth for participants in the CyberNB ecosystem.

Wednesday, October 2 at 1:30PM – Resilience in a Digital World: From Citizen, to Corporation, to Country

The ability of a nation to ensure operational resilience in a digital world is dependant on a number of key stakeholders. Responsibilities lie with civil society, industry, academic institutions and governments, working within a collaborative framework that strengthens resiliency. This powerful framework supports the development of a digitally aware citizenry, a cohort of diverse cybersecurity talent, and a robust product pipeline that embraces security by design. Governments have a critical role to play by applying the concept of sovereign technology to critical infrastructure supply chains. Ultimately, the ability for all stakeholders to collaborate and work together will be the true measure of resilience in a digital world.