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How I learned about governance at NREN conferences

Good governance is the key to success in a complex, ever-changing, multi-stakeholder environment. Contributed by: Kathryn Anthonisen | Vice President, External Relations End-of-year (or month, or week) reflections are always worthwhile, and recently I have been reflecting on what I learned in 2018 at conferences hosted by CANARIE’s National Research and Education Network (NREN) partners. […]

blog arrowDate: December 6, 2018

9 Perspectives on our AI-Driven Automation Nation

One of the most burning issues in technology: the use of AI and automation Contributed by: Alex Bushell | Manager, Strategic Policy Every year, the CANARIE Summit brings together thought leaders in government, academia, and the private sector, for an in-depth analysis of a specific technology, its applications, and their social and political impact. This […]

blog arrowDate: November 27, 2018

Science is a global race and we’re all on the same team

It’s essential that we don’t lose focus on the importance of global science Contributed by: Jim Ghadbane, President and CEO In the face of international political agendas that seem intent on tightening borders to support more nationalistic economic motives, it’s essential that we don’t lose focus on the importance of global science. Beyond satisfying our […]

blog arrowDate: November 22, 2018

The professional research software community in Canada is alive and well

Who are the Canadian academic research software developers? By Scott Henwood | Director, Research Software Program In September 2018, CANARIE, in conjunction with the UK Software Sustainability Institute (SSI), launched the second Canadian Research Software Developer Survey, to learn more about Canadians who write software to support academic research. This was one of several similar […]

blog arrowDate: November 20, 2018

Announcing the Second Annual Survey of Research Software Developers in Canada

Posted by: Scott Henwood | Director, Research Software Program If you develop software to support academic research, we’d like to hear from you! This survey is being conducted with the assistance of the UK Software Sustainability Institute (software.ac.uk) and is being launched simultaneously with similar surveys in several other countries. The survey will close September […]

blog arrowDate: September 5, 2018

Learning and Working Together: Research Software Organizations Around the World

Posted by: Scott Henwood | Director, Research Software Research Software Organizations Around the World My previous blog posts have focused on the research software landscape in Canada, but the challenges and opportunities we face are not different from those in other parts of the world. In this post, I provide a brief overview of three […]

blog arrowDate: June 6, 2018

Arctic Research and Opportunities for Transformation

How digital infrastructure could be leveraged to help us better understand the Arctic Posted by Jim Ghadbane, President and CEO I recently attended a Bacon and Eggheads* breakfast focussed on the changing Arctic – the land and communities that are on the cusp of rapid change. The session’s speakers were Susan Kutz from the University […]

blog arrowDate: April 20, 2018

Taking Science to New Heights: How CloudUAV software helps drones accelerate discovery

Submitted by: Dan Sellars, Manager, Software Development UAVs in modern research UAVs, often called drones, present some exciting opportunities to modern researchers. The number of applications for UAVs in research is nearly endless, with more and more innovative uses being experimented with all the time (UAVs are even delivering dry-cleaned clothes to customers, if you […]

blog arrowDate: July 11, 2017

Conserving Canada’s Wild Birds: Motus Wildlife Tracking System

Posted by: Scott Henwood, Director, Research Software In this blog post, I examine Motus, a wildlife tracking system designed to aid researchers in tracking bird migration through a network of thousands of radio ID tags and hundreds of receiving stations. Motus is an initiative of Bird Studies Canada in partnership with Acadia University. Why study […]

blog arrowDate: January 25, 2017

So you want to have a virtual Annual General Meeting?

Contributed by: Nancy Carter, Chief Financial Officer In 2016, the CANARIE team took a leap and made the decision to host our Annual General Meeting (AGM) via video conference. While the decision was easy, the implementation of the decision required a tremendous team effort, which in the end, resulted in a successful AGM. We measured […]

blog arrowDate: October 31, 2016

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