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So you want to have a virtual Annual General Meeting?

Contributed by: Nancy Carter, Chief Financial Officer In 2016, the CANARIE team took a leap and made the decision to host our Annual General Meeting (AGM) via video conference. While the decision was easy, the implementation of the decision required a tremendous team effort, which in the end, resulted in a successful AGM. We measured […]

blog arrowDate: October 31, 2016

Accelerating Discoveries in Materials Science through Software

Posted by: Scott Henwood, Director, Research Software In previous blog posts, I’ve described some of the cutting edge research software developed under CANARIE’s Research Software program. CANARIE is not the only organization funding research software in Canada, and in order to foster collaboration and re-use, it is important to highlight all Canadian-developed research software. With […]

blog arrowDate: October 4, 2016

Let’s Talk About our Trust Issues

Posted by Randy Jones, Senior Director, Technology Innovation Trust is an interesting concept we rarely think about. Yet it underpins our personal relationships and is the glue holding communities together. Trust is understood to be the belief in the reliability of a person, organization, or thing. Trust is hard to quantify but it is easy […]

blog arrowDate: September 30, 2016

The 3 Cs of the TNC

Contributed by Kathryn Anthonisen, Vice President, External Relations Another very successful TNC Global Research & Education (R&E) Networking conference just wrapped up in Prague, and I was fortunate to attend and represent Canada along with my CANARIE colleagues. The conference content ran the gamut from highly technical sessions on software-defined networking, interactive science education models, […]

blog arrowDate: July 6, 2016

A Note From our President: Building Canada’s Infrastructure for Science and Innovation

Posted by Jim Ghadbane, President and CEO, CANARIE One of the most interesting figures for me in Budget 2016 wasn’t actually in the Budget itself: the number 43. It is the percentage increase in references to “science” in Budget 2016 over last year’s budget (when adjusted for the length of the document). With $95 million […]

blog arrowDate: March 29, 2016

3 Tips to Help Your Team Build the Best Software for Scientific Research

Contributed by: Scott Henwood, Director, Research Software I joined CANARIE’s Research Software program more than three years ago after a long career in commercial/industrial software development. The experience so far has been eye-opening. At the implementation level, software development in an academic environment is pretty much the same as software development in a corporate environment. […]

blog arrowDate: February 11, 2016

A Birthday for Canada’s Internet

Posted by Gerry Miller, Executive Director, MRnet Today the Internet is an integral part of our lives, where we do business, socialize, learn and “surf”. But where did it all start in Canada? Back in the 1980s, universities across Canada created a network that linked campus mainframe computers at relatively slow speeds. This network was […]

blog arrowDate: November 6, 2015

Research Software Blog: Turning Movement into Data

Contributed by Scott Henwood, Director, Research Software Program So far, our Research Software blog posts have focused on projects that fit into traditional big data areas of scientific investigation such as astronomy and particle physics. Researchers in these areas get their raw data from large, expensive instruments such as space-based telescopes and particle accelerators. In […]

blog arrowDate: November 2, 2015

The Cloud Trap

Contributed by Randy Jones, Senior Director, Technology Innovation The combination of cloud computing and ubiquitous Internet connectivity has lowered barriers to entry and made global markets accessible to a new breed of Software as a Service (SaaS) developer. Those who succeed will experience rapid growth but the same cloud services that enabled growth can, if […]

blog arrowDate: October 19, 2015

Canada’s Digital Future on the Agenda at CANARIE National Summit

Kathryn Anthonisen, Vice President, External Relations, CANARIE The fall conference season is approaching fast, and with it the competing demands of work projects and deadlines versus the desire to be informed, challenged, and inspired by new ideas. It’s not easy to take two full days out of the office, so we’ve worked hard to make […]

blog arrowDate: August 27, 2015

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