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CAF September 2019 Newsletter

CAF Newsletter – August 2019 Eduroam Visitor Access is Coming Soon! Stay tuned for the launch of eduroam Visitor Access (eVA) for Canadian Access Federation (CAF) participants this Fall! eVA allows you to grant visitors secure, time-limited access to eduroam through your campus’s existing eduroam Wi-Fi network. eVA can strengthen Wi-Fi security at your institution and […]

blog arrowDate: September 3, 2019

DAIR – May 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to the May 2019 edition of the DAIR Community Newsletter. It’s been a few months since our last newsletter, so we have plenty of exciting news to share with you. Thank you… …to all of our DAIR participants that took the time to reply to our recent survey or agreed to chat by phone. […]

blog arrowDate: July 15, 2019

Research Software – March 2019 Newsletter

Canadian Research Software Conference 2019 The Canadian Research Software Conference (CRSC) is prepping for its second appearance on May 28-29 in Montreal. Who should attend CRSC 2019? Active developers of software for academic research (regardless of job title) Computational researchers Doctorate Students and those studying to develop research software Developers of open-source software to support […]

blog arrowDate: March 15, 2019

Research Software – December 2018 Newsletter

CANARIE Awards $4.4M to 20 Research Teams to Develop Advanced Software to Improve Vaccines, Monitor Climate Change, and More We are very proud to announce up to $4.4M funding awarded to 20 Canadian research teams to develop research software that can serve multiple groups of researchers regardless of specialty. The funding is part of the Government […]

blog arrowDate: December 18, 2018

Research Software – September 2018 Newsletter

Announcing the Second Annual Survey of Research Software Developers in Canada We’re happy to announce the launch of the second survey of Canadian developers of software to support academic research. This survey is being conducted with the assistance of the UK Software Sustainability Institute and is being launched simultaneously with similar surveys in several other countries. The […]

blog arrowDate: September 12, 2018

DAIR – June 2017 Newsletter

We have many exciting things to show off in our first newsletter, which will be a monthly installment. If you are new to DAIR, please check out our latest instructional video. It will help to get you up and running in your own DAIR environment and walk you through the process step by step. 1. […]

blog arrowDate: August 13, 2018

DAIR – May 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to the May edition of the DAIR Cloud Community Newsletter. This month we have an exciting discussion about Docker and how Docker can be used in your DAIR environment. Docker is an open source, software container platform. Docker lends flexibility and portability to your cloud environment by enabling you to you to containerize your […]

blog arrowDate: May 13, 2018

Research Software – April 2018 Newsletter

Our annual Research Software Workshop is evolving! We are pleased to announce that our Research Software Workshop has now become the Canadian Research Software Conference. This will be a larger event that will look to tackle the challenges currently experienced by research software developers on a national and global level. The inaugural conference will be […]

blog arrowDate: April 12, 2018

DAIR – February 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to the February edition of the DAIR Cloud Community Newsletter. This month we discuss a mandatory volume migration for all DAIR users. DAIR has moved to a new cloud storage model to improve storage reliability. As a result, you must migrate your data in order to preserve it. As operators of DAIR, we cannot […]

blog arrowDate: February 13, 2018

DAIR – January 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to the January edition of the DAIR Cloud Community Newsletter. This month we will focus on patching your Windows environment. If you are looking for patching tips for your DAIR Linux environment, please refer to our previous video listed here. Please take five minutes to watch our latest video to learn about the best practices […]

blog arrowDate: January 13, 2018

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