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BOS Forestry

BOS Forestry

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A Case for the Cloud

Grant Sutherland, President

What was the business problem?

We are developing software solutions to help manage the information flow in the forestry industry – from planning the harvest, to cutting the timber, to weighing the timber, to tracking transport to the mill, right through to sending harvest information to the Ministry. It’s a complex web of business-to-business and business-to-government information that needed to be harnessed and available to support better and faster decision-making.

By 2020, 78% of small businesses will be adapted to cloud computing1

What were the potential solutions?

We could have gone to a commercial cloud provider, but many store data outside of Canada and many of our partners want their data to stay in Canada. A commercial cloud can be expensive too, and as a small company we are very conscious about cost. As well, during key parts of the software development life cycle, customers and partners need collaborative access to server test sites we manage and provide access to.

What solution was chosen?

DAIR was the right solution for us. DAIR’s high-performance servers supported our sophisticated software tools and multiple data feeds. We were able to develop and test our product thoroughly on DAIR, and have since launched it on a commercial cloud provider.

What was the result?

We are enjoying success with our forestry software products, and we’re also using DAIR to support a partnership with Selkirk College Geospatial Research Centre. We are working with the college to add geospatial capabilities to our cloud-based log exchange trading portal. In addition, we provide our software to develop case studies in which students get experience running a logging business. Using our software, students will go through various scenarios spanning the entire timber cycle of planning, harvesting, milling, billing and reporting. It’s a powerful way to equip Canada’s next generation of foresters with the software tools that will support Canada’s leadership in the forest sector.

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