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A Case for the Cloud

Patrick Poirier, CEO/Founder

What was the business problem?

Private tutoring is an expense that many families cannot afford. Personalized tutoring has been proven to be very effective in enabling students to deepen existing knowledge and remediate challenges in certain concepts or subjects. Most concerning, lack of resources to hire a personal tutor can keep many children back from progressing in school subjects with which they have difficultly, affecting both their self-esteem and their potential success in their academic career.

Organizations that adopt cloud technologies report greater scalability, faster access to infrastructure, and faster time to market for products and services.1

How does your product solve this problem?

The ERI platform is a free platform for students to use and gain expertise in a subject. It connects a student who is struggling with a subject with another student who is excelling in that subject. The excelling student can then peer-tutor the struggling student and reinforce their own learning skills. Accompanying both students in a tutoring session is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based algorithm that prompts the students to cover all areas of that particular subject. The AI technology ensures that the learnings gained from the platform will be sufficient to excel in the school’s curriculum.

What technical resources did you need?

The ERI platform is both a mobile app and a web platform, so we required significant cloud resources to run our artificial intelligence algorithm while pulling data from both sources. Alongside our artificial intelligence, we needed our cloud resources to be flexible and easily migrated as we were using free credits with the Amazon Web Services platform alongside our DAIR resources. This enabled us to have access to a large amount of cloud resources, and we needed to be able to move between both platforms seamlessly.

Why did you choose the DAIR Cloud?

We chose DAIR because of the cost savings associated with the program, which allowed us to put the savings elsewhere in our business. Secondly, we are hoping to be working with the Canadian government in the future, so having our platform on a cloud server that provided data sovereignty was very important for us.

How did the DAIR Cloud help your business?

The cost savings we received by being a part of the DAIR program were significant in helping us grow our business. We were able to allocate our resources to expedite development instead of having them tied to costly cloud hosting fees.

What was the result?

ERI is now in its beta phase, and we have two schools, one in Kenya and another in Montreal, currently testing the platform. We hope that after this beta phase we can bring ERI to other schools and have them adopt the platform.

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1 https://cloudtweaks.com/2015/04/guide-small-business-cloud/