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Frequently Asked Questions

For DAIR support please e-mail: dair.admin@canarie.ca 


+ What does DAIR stand for?
Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research.
+ What are the free resources that are included with DAIR?
The list of resources provided through DAIR is available here.
+ What happens after a year on DAIR? Where do I go?
The DAIR Cloud program promotes cloud independence. You can choose the cloud best suited to your needs and easily migrate on your own terms. A non-exhaustive list of Canadian Cloud providers is provided below; you are free to pursue the provider of your choice. Please read the DAIR Migration Preparation Guide for helpful information. Note: CANARIE does not endorse and is not responsible for any representations from these suppliers, nor the content of their external links.


+ Who can apply?
Any Canadian small or medium-size company (SME < 500 employees) may apply to DAIR.
+ How long can I use DAIR?
Qualified businesses can access resources for one (1) year.

Application Process

+ I’m having trouble submitting an application, who can help?
Please contact dair.admin@canarie.ca
+ When will I receive a response?
You should receive a response within three (3) business days. If you have not heard back from us, please make sure you have clicked the final “Submit” button at the end of the proposal. If that still doesn’t work, send an e-mail to dair@canarie.ca.

Technical Questions

+ Is it possible to transfer from a commercial cloud to DAIR?
The DAIR Cloud is based on OpenStack (Ocata), and thus supports basic EC2 (AWS) interfaces, as well as the OpenStack APIs. Transferring into DAIR from an public cloud is usually straightforward, although some competence in cloud computing DevOps is required. CANARIE does not provide or perform any transfer services.
+ Does DAIR provide GPUs in addition to (virtual) CPUs?
Yes, GPUs are available to DAIR users that have a specific requirement for these resources.
+ What virtualization technology does DAIR use?
DAIR uses OpenStack Ocata, with KVM as the hypervisor.

Cost and Payment

+ How much do extra resources cost?
DAIR provides free resources listed above under “General”. Additional resources required beyond this default quota are sold as a quantity of ‘compute units’ for $100 CAD / year + HST. A compute unit is comprised of:
  • 1 virtual cores (vCPUs)
  • 1 virtual machines
  • 1 IPv4 public addresses
  • 2 GB RAM in total
  • 20 GB of block storage
  • 1 additional file system
  • 50 GB of object storage
Given that the purchase of compute units is not pro-rated, buying them earlier in your use of DAIR is more advantageous than later.
+ How do I make a payment?
Please contact dair.admin@canarie.ca