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Frequently Asked Questions

For DAIR support please e-mail: dair.admin@canarie.ca 


+ What does DAIR stand for?
Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research
+ What are the free resources that are included with DAIR?
The list of resources provided through DAIR is available here.
+ What happens after a year on DAIR? Where do I go?
The DAIR Cloud program promotes cloud independence. You can choose the cloud best suited to your needs and easily migrate on your own terms. A non-exhaustive list of Canadian Cloud providers is provided below; you are free to pursue the provider of your choice. Please read the DAIR Migration Preparation Guide for helpful information. Note: CANARIE does not endorse and is not responsible for any representations from these suppliers, nor the content of their external links.


+ Who can apply?
Any Canadian small or medium-size company (SME < 500 employees) may apply to DAIR.
+ How long can I use DAIR?
Qualified businesses can access resources for one (1) year.
+ How do I access BoosterPacks?
BoosterPacks aim to accelerate the learning and of Canadian startups and early-stage businesses in emerging technologies. All businesses and/or entrepreneurs who are qualified to access DAIR Cloud resources will also be able to access BoosterPacks.

Application Process

+ I’m having trouble submitting an application, who can help?
Please contact dair.admin@canarie.ca
+ When will I receive a response?
You should receive a response within three (3) business days. If you have not heard back from us, please make sure you have clicked the final “Submit” button at the end of the application. If that still doesn’t work, send an e-mail to dair.admin@canarie.ca.

Technical Questions

+ Is it possible to transfer from a commercial cloud to DAIR?
The DAIR Cloud is a hybrid cloud platform consisting of AWS and Microsoft Azure public clouds in Canada and GPUs in our OpenStack (Ocata) private cloud (which supports basic EC2 interfaces, as well as the OpenStack APIs). Transferring into DAIR from a public cloud is usually straightforward, although some competence in cloud computing DevOps is required. CANARIE does not provide or perform any transfer services.
+ Does DAIR provide GPUs in addition to (virtual) CPUs?
Yes, GPUs (1 per tenant) are available to DAIR applicants that have a specific requirement for these resources.
+ What type of GPUs does DAIR provide?
We provide NVIDIA Telsa P100 GPUs allowing DAIR users to make use of GPU-accelerated libraries in their code (Cuda 10 support). Users also have access to TensorRT GPU-Accelerated Neural Network Inference Library for building deep learning applications that integrate with TensorFlow, among others.
+ What virtualization technology does DAIR use?
DAIR private cloud (vGPUs) uses OpenStack Ocata, with KVM as the hypervisor. Microsoft Azure runs on a customized version of Hyper-V. Linux Amazon Machine Images in AWS uses one of two types of virtualization: paravirtual (PV) or hardware virtual machine (HVM).

Additional Resources

+ Can I request access to extra resources?
DAIR has moved to a fixed monthly spend allowance for each tenant. You have the flexibility to use as much cloud resources as you wish while operating within your monthly allowance. If your allowance is reached before the end of a cycle, your instances will be temporarily suspended until the start of the next cycle. Underspend from one month cannot be carried over into future months. GPUs are excluded from the monthly allowance (since they are hosted in CANARIE’s private cloud) and may be run up to 100% capacity.
+ How do I make a payment?
DAIR is a free service designed to help Canadian entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses accelerate their time to market and their learning of emerging technologies, while benefiting from the efficiencies and agility of cloud computing. As such, approved applicants are not required to make any payments to CANARIE.