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For Learning Institutions

CANARIE supports Colleges’ and Polytechnics’ applied research activities and partnerships with small businesses by offering powerful cloud resources, free of charge. CANARIE’s Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research (DAIR) program provides cloud-based compute and storage resources to enable College and Polytechnic students working with business community partners to test, develop, prototype and demonstrate applications and services, accelerating development timelines and strengthening competitive positioning.


This partnership leverages the institution’s relationships with the small business community and provides students and their small business clients access to today’s most advanced technologies that promote highly marketable skills and support the development of innovative products.

Cloud technologies drive a meaningful competitive advantage for small and medium-sized (SME) businesses by providing computing resources that can quickly scale up or down to meet changing business needs. For CANARIE’s College and Polytechnic partners and their SME users, DAIR’s made-in-Canada cloud resources are quickly deployable, significantly reducing ramp-up time to 2-3 days versus several weeks using traditional deployment and test methods.

Students engage in meaningful experiential learning, while small businesses benefit from an accelerated product development at no additional cost. SMEs can seamlessly continue testing and development on their applied research project for at least one year on the DAIR cloud without any downtime or additional costs. Professors and students will gain valuable experience with the latest cloud technologies, while SMEs will have the added benefit of being able to hire highly-skilled students.

Colleges and Polytechnics may also take advantage of a portion of the DAIR resources to develop a “digital sandbox” to engage in further applied research. The DAIR resources available to the institution leverage research funding and enable its researchers to engage in cutting-edge discovery that can lead to a range of commercial opportunities.


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