Government of Canada confirms $62M investment in CANARIE

Investment underlines Government’s commitment to digital infrastructure that powers cutting-edge innovation and research

[Ottawa, Ontario | August 8, 2012] CANARIE, Canada’s Advanced Research and Innovation Network today announced the Government of Canada has confirmed its investment of $62 million for a term of three years. Budget 2012 announced $40 million of the funding over two years. In confirming the $22 million in funding for the third year of the mandate, the Government also reaffirmed a requirement for CANARIE to explore and implement cost-sharing strategies with its user community. CANARIE will be consulting with its users and stakeholders over the coming months to determine the appropriate mechanisms to implement a cost-sharing strategy.


The three-year investment and mandate period give CANARIE time to implement critical strategic initiatives, including a plan to increase network capacity to 100G (one hundred billion bits per second)
to meet user demand. Over the past five years, traffic over the network increased by 587%, the result of an explosion in the use of digital data to solve problems and drive innovation in areas as
diverse as health care, transportation, and resource management. CANARIE will also move ahead with planned initiatives to make access to research data and tools easier for researchers, and with an expanded testbed environment for small businesses and researchers in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector.

CANARIE will continue to develop and offer new “above the network” services that deliver tangible value to connected institutions and users. CANARIE now offers two of these services: Canadian Access Federation, which enables users to access protected online resources and campus networks through a shared framework for identity management; and Content Delivery Service, which provides faster and cheaper access to Internet-based content for institutions connected to CANARIE.


“The Government of Canada’s investment in CANARIE will help keep our economy strong and support leading-edge research among Canadian researchers, educators and students,” said the Honourable Gary Goodyear, Minister of State (Science and Technology). “We recognize CANARIE as an important component of the digital infrastructure for research and education in Canada.”

“CANARIE stands at the crossroads between two rapidly changing environments: technology and research,” says Jim Roche, President and CEO of CANARIE. “In our position, we must be proactive in deploying next-generation technologies that support not only Canada’s participation in world-class research and innovation, but also provide a testing ground for advanced technologies that we may all use someday.”

“This is welcome news for Canada’s research and education communities,” says Ghilaine Roquet, Board President of the Canadian University Council of Chief Information Officers, representing Canada’s higher education IT Leaders. “The expanded investment in the CANARIE network will help to ensure Canadian researchers, students, and faculty continue to have access to the world-class digital infrastructure required to support the development of advanced digital skills and the growth of innovative digital content; all activities that are fundamental to Canada’s innovation, education and research activities.”


CANARIE’s innovation infrastructure is ubiquitous among Canada’s universities and colleges, as well as all of Canada’s “Big Science” facilities, including the TRIUMF National Laboratory for Nuclear and Particle Physics, the Canadian Light Source, SNOLab, and the VENUS and NEPTUNE Canada Ocean Observatories. The Government of Canada provides approximately $4B per year in funding to support advanced research initiatives through the granting councils, Canada Foundation for Innovation, and National Research Council, and the investment in CANARIE powerfully leverages that investment by ensuring the fluid movement of data, tools, and expertise across its ultra-high-speed network.


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