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Enabling eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (cat.eduroam.org)

Introduction The service to help configure eduroam is called 'Configuration Assistant Tool' or 'CAT' for short form. The steps to access CAT with your home credentials are to: 1. Send a notification to tickets@canarie.ca to opt-in This request can happen ... Read More

Recommended RADIUS Platforms and Tools

To offer eduroam, institutions must have one or more RADIUS servers that can be used as their IdP to authenticate local users and proxy requests of visitors to the Canadian Federation-Level RADIUS servers. CANARIE does not prescribe which vendor’s RADIUS ... Read More

Recommendations about Certificates

Ultimately, it is up to the CAF participant to determine which type of certificate is preferred. Since self-signed certificates are free, can be valid for up to 10 years, and help mitigate Rogue APs, CANARIE recommends them over commercial certificates. ... Read More

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