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FIM Tools

IdP Installer

To simplify the connection of an institution’s identity management system to CAF services, the IdP Installer installs and configures the Shibboleth Identity Provider and related software on a client-provisioned virtual machine.

Download the latest release: http://bit.ly/idpinstaller310rc2zip
View details and download from GitHub: http://bit.ly/idpinstaller310rc2git

Technical Guide: CAF IdP Installer


The ADFSToolkit functionality has been added to the CAF Federated Identity Management (FIM) service. The ADFSToolkit is a set of tools to augment existing ADFS Identity Provider installations and allows an existing ADFS Identity Provider to have an additional option for participation in FIM.

CANARIE has published the ADFSToolkit module in the Microsoft PowerShellGallery.

The key items enabled by the ADFSToolkit are:

  • Retrieval and signature verification of the CAF FIM service trust records
  • Ingestion of the entities into ADFS using the one-at-a-time trust relationship paradigm
  • Automatic setting of attribute release policies for entity categories
  • Site-specific additions of attribute releases on a per service basis
  • Ability to keep current with the CAF FIM service trust records on an hourly basis by setting a scheduled job
  • Ability to better diagnose problems

ADFSToolkit Installation Guide

CAF Build Tool

For institutions or individuals that wish to use the IdP Installer locally on their laptop or desktop, the CAF Build Tool can help.  Based on the IDP Installer, this tool installs a test Service Provider, a test LDAP server, and the latest IdP-Installer pre-configured for test environments, in just a few minutes.

View details and download from GitHub: CAF Build Tool