Making the Impossible POSSIBLE

From supporting Canada’s first E-businesses to taking entrepreneurs into the cloud, CANARIE celebrates 20 years of innovation and the promise of Canada’s digital future

Twenty years ago, researchers from industry, universities, and government joined a team of visionaries at CANARIE to build Canada’s first research and education network. Since then CANARIE’s programs, services, and national ultra-high-speed network have sparked transformative digital innovations that pave the way for Canadian leadership in today’s digital economy and make the impossible possible.

While CANARIE’s role in supporting research and education is well known, its role in spurring digital innovation within the private sector is less so. But over the past twenty years, a number of CANARIE programs have leveraged the vital digital infrastructure to motivate the business community to adoptleading-edge technologies to strengthen their competitive advantage.


In 2000 CANARIE launched the E-business program to support the development of practical solutions to enable small and medium-sized businesses to accelerate their transition to e-business.

This program supported a range of solutions implemented in 2000 and beyond, including:

  • Hydro Vantage E-business Application – incorporating e-business processes and technologies to improve decision-making in the hydro electric industry;
  • NetMetal – an integrated business-to-business portal for the metals sector;
  • Sourcing Management and Requisition Tool (SMaRT) – an E-procurement platform to improve supply chain management for the shipbuilding and repair industries; and
  • Collaborative Community Trading Platform – an electronic order management solution to help small- and medium-sized manufacturers manage inventory levels and supplier information.

Today, CANARIE’s Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research (DAIR) program stimulates Canadian entrepreneurs in the information and communications technology sector to incorporate cloud computing technologies into their business models. DAIR provides Canadian entrepreneurs with an opportunity to accelerate product development and reduce and avoid capital costs by using cloud- based technologies to design, develop and test new products.

DAIR’s “digital sandbox” shows small and medium-sized businesses how cloud technologies can deliver tremendous scale, speed, and agility benefits.

QUOTES “CANARIE leverages the government’s investment in infrastructure to stimulate innovation and the adoption of the very latest technological tools,” says Jim Roche, CEO of CANARIE. “Programs like DAIR enable small and medium businesses to adopt cutting-edge technologies in ways that really transform their businesses and help them contribute to a strong Canadian economy.”

“There is an important shift in our market to a cloud-based solution,” notes David Poellhuber, COO of ZEROSPAM and a DAIR user, “as organizations realize the hidden costs of software and appliance- based solutions. DAIR offers us a platform where we can experiment with different complex system setups. It allows us to benchmark both the efficiency of our spam filtering rules and the performance of
various system components.”

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CANARIE designs, delivers, and drives the adoption of digital infrastructure for Canada’s research and education communities. CANARIE keeps Canada at the forefront of digital research and innovation, fundamental to a vibrant digital economy.

CANARIE’s roots are in advanced networking, and CANARIE continues to evolve the national ultra- high-speed backbone network that enables data-intensive, leading-edge research and big science

across Canada and around the world. One million researchers, scientists and students at over 1,100
Canadian institutions, including universities, colleges, research institutes, hospitals, and government laboratories have access to the CANARIE Network.

CANARIE also leads the development of research software tools that enable researchers to more quickly and easily access research data, tools, and peers. In support of Canada’s high-tech entrepreneurs, CANARIE offers cloud-computing services to help them accelerate product development and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Twelve provincial and territorial network partners, together with CANARIE, form Canada’s advanced network alliance. This powerful digital infrastructure connects Canada’s researchers and innovators provincially, nationally, and globally to the data, tools, colleagues, and classrooms that are at the heart of prosperity in the digital economy.

Established in 1993, CANARIE is a non-profit corporation, with the major investment in its programs and activities provided by the Government of Canada.