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Cybersecurity Initiatives

Through cybersecurity collaborations, partnerships, and program initiatives, CANARIE drives to strengthen the overall security of Canada’s National Research and Education Network (NREN).

CANARIE champions the advancement of collaborative national security operations to strengthen the overall state of network security at connected institutions within Canada’s NREN.  Working with Canadian and international collaborators, CANARIE and its twelve provincial and territorial network partners are building a collaborative community of security innovators to contribute to a shared security strategy, with the goal of enhancing capabilities in cyber threat detection, and increasing cybersecurity services and mitigation strategies.

Joint Security Project

The security of our digital resources, and the infrastructures that support them, are of paramount importance to Canadians. For Canada’s research, education and innovation communities, these valuable assets include the infrastructure itself, intellectual property, and private, unique or confidential data located at universities, colleges, and research institutions connected to Canada’s National Research and Education Network (NREN).

To understand the potential benefits and characteristics of a consistent national security framework, CANARIE is initiating a project to develop a national view of the security position of institutions connected to the NREN.

This project will lead to a program funding proposal to strengthen cybersecurity in the research and education community.


CANARIE Issues Funding Call to Bolster Cybersecurity Across Canada’s Research and Education Institutions

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