DAIR Newsletter: May 2018

Welcome to the May edition of the DAIR Cloud Community Newsletter. This month we have an exciting discussion about Docker and how Docker can be used in your DAIR environment.

Docker is an open source, software container platform. Docker lends flexibility and portability to your cloud environment by enabling you to you to containerize your DAIR instance.

If you’re interested in how Docker can be used in your DAIR environment, please watch the video below.

1. Docker Integration in DAIR

2. Docker Knowledge

Please read our curated list of links below:

Understanding Docker Security Best Practices – Docker.com

Learn Docker & Containers using Interactive Browser-Based Scenarios  – Katacoda.com

Play with Docker: A simple, interactive and fun playground to learn Docker – Play-with-docker.com

3. Security Announcement

The Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre (CCIRC) has listed several of our tenants as having vulnerable ports open.Our assessment shows it is all due to lax firewall rules in the tenant environments. Please take some time and review your firewall rules. Any rule with a CIDR of should be replaced with one locked down to a specific source IP. Check out our video on DAIR Firewall Rules and learn more about these vulnerabilities on the CCIRC website.

We have applied the available patches for the CPUs on the host servers for the vulnerabilities of “Meltdown” and “Spectre.” To secure your instance against these threats, we recommend updating your instance.