Research Data Management Program (RDM)

CANARIE’s RDM Program connects Canadians to software tools to manage and reuse data produced by research.

All research produces data that must be stored and preserved, so that it can be accessed and potentially reused by other researchers. This helps accelerate new discoveries and maximizes the impact of all research funding.

Through our Research Data Management (RDM) Program, we fund and support the development of software tools that let researchers incorporate data management best practices across the research workflow: from planning their investigation to conducting it; and from backing up data as it’s created and used, to its long-term preservation after the research investigation has ended.

Widespread adoption of these tools will ensure that researchers’ activities are aligned with national and international RDM standards, paving the way for broad data sharing and collaboration.

Effective RDM practices are critical to research and discovery.

They protect data during a research project and beyond, and help researchers meet increasingly rigorous requirements of good research ethics and reproducibility. When research data is managed by prioritizing national and international best practices, everyone benefits.

For Researchers:

  • Access to a network of research platforms and data repositories that support the creation, curation, and preservation of data so that current and future generations can find, access, reuse and manage their data
  • Long-term storage and preservation of research data
  • Interoperability between data repositories, archival storage platforms, and networks

Research Funders:

  • Maximizes impact of research funding by enabling all researchers to benefit from data produced by publicly funded research
  • Boosts efficiencies across the ecosystem by minimizing the administrative burden on researchers and institutions

Research Institutions:

  • Amplifies local data management efforts across the research library, Office of the CIO, research computing departments and Office of the Vice President, Research with collaborative efforts at the provincial, national, and international levels
  • Delivers effective support for researchers by leveraging investments from all stakeholders in the ecosystem

Heeding the call of the research community

The RDM Program was launched in response to a community-identified need to adopt data management best practices and policy compliance throughout the research workflow.

In January 2018, we launched a community consultation to help shape the priorities for the RDM Program. We are very grateful for the research community’s broad engagement in this consultation, which shaped the program’s focus and was the basis for Funding Call 1, issued in May 2018 and Call 2, issued in September 2019. A summary of the community consultation is available here.

Transition to New Digital Research Infrastructure Organization (NDRIO)

In 2019, the Government of Canada announced the creation of a new organization, tentatively known as NDRIO, that will fund and support research data management in Canada. To maintain a seamless flow of funding and support to Canadian researchers with critical requirements for RDM, we are working very closely with our colleagues at NDRIO to ensure a smooth transition of the program to NDRIO in 2022.

Currently, we’re proud to be funding four research teams through Funding Call 2.

Future funding calls for research data management will be announced by NDRIO.



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