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Community Consultation

Please note: the Call 1 is now closed.

Download the Community Consultation Summary here.

About CANARIE’s Research Data Management Program

The ability to reuse research data supports accelerated knowledge creation, allows for reproducibility of scientific results, and maximizes return on investment of research funding. The research data management (RDM) workflow, comprising data creation, storage, access and reuse, is supported by a range of software components and tools.

In response to a community-identified need, CANARIE’s RDM Program funds the development of software components and tools to enable Canadian researchers to adopt best practices in research data management.

About the Community Consultation

This consultation will serve as the platform for the community to communicate areas in RDM that require focus and attention. The globally accepted FAIR Principles are the framework within which CANARIE will evaluate the feedback and identify areas requiring funding support. CANARIE and its Research Data Management Advisory Committee will consider community feedback to determine the types of initiatives that will be supported through a funding call. Up to $3M will be made available for this funding call, which is expected to launch in late spring 2018.

The purpose of the consultation is to:

  • identify gaps and prioritize opportunities in research data management;
  • highlight initiatives and projects that can respond to the identified gaps and opportunities in a sustainable manner;
  • determine areas of focus for the funding call.