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CANARIE operates and evolves the national backbone of Canada’s ultra-high-speed National Research and Education Network (NREN), connecting to 12 provincial and territorial partner networks. This world-class 100 gigabit per second network is critical infrastructure supporting today’s data-intensive, globally collaborative research.


CANARIE’s ultra-high-speed backbone network provides interprovincial and international connectivity that is integral to Canada’s participation in global experiments in data-heavy disciplines such as particle physics, genomics, astronomy and neurology. The global collaborations made by possible when massive volumes of research data can be shared at such high speeds enable Canadians to be part of the most important scientific discoveries taking place today. Learn more about the CANARIE Network.

The Canadian research community also benefits from CANARIE’s Research Software Program. This program invests in the development of research software Platforms for specific research projects that consist of reusable software Services that are freely available to all research disciplines. These software tools give Canada a first-mover advantage in accessing and using Big Data resources.

Research software developers are free to access the Services, or building blocks, from CANARIE’s Research Software Registry, and are encouraged to contribute new Services to the pool. This model powers an innovative cycle of efficient software re-use that leverages research funding and reduces software development time- to accelerate discovery. Learn more about the CANARIE Research Software Program.

Scientists whose academic or research organizations are members of the Canadian Access Federation (offered through CANARIE’s Identity and Access Management Program) benefit from secure and seamless mobile access to the Internet and digital content as they roam at participating institutions nationwide and around the world…all by using the login credentials of their home institution. In a world where resources and tools are globally distributed, this delivers a seamless experience for the user and cost and process efficiency for their institution. Learn more about the CANARIE Identity and Access Management Program.

CANARIE in Action

See how CANARIE has played a role in advancing scientific discovery in Canada: