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Funding Information

The competitive funding call described below is currently closed. This information is for reference purposes of applicants that have already submitted a Notice of Intent. If you would like to be informed of upcoming funding calls, please subscribe to receive CANARIE news.

CANARIE Research Software Program Competitive Funding Call:
Proposal Submission Guidelines

Under this competitive call, $2M in funding is available for Research Software Platform development teams to modify and maintain an existing Platform to meet the needs of at least one new research team.

About CANARIE’s Research Software Program

CANARIE has been investing in the development of software to support scientific research since 2007. In its last mandate (2012-15), CANARIE funded the development of nearly 70 research software tools. These tools enable Canadian scientists to analyze, visualize and share immense volumes of research data, transforming data into knowledge and insights that contribute to Canada’s economic and social development.

The purpose of this Program is to:

  • Provide software tools to Canadian researchers to reduce time to discovery.
  • Allow researchers to make effective use of Canadian digital infrastructure.
  • Promote re-use of tools to minimize the costs of software development prior to the start of research.
  • Create a community of research software developers in Canada to further accelerate research through collaborative software development and expertise sharing.

Who is eligible to apply for funding?

  • Researchers and software developers with access to, and in-depth knowledge of an existing research software platform, employed by a Canadian university, college, corporation or other legally recognized entity that will act as the Lead Contractor, are eligible to apply. The “Lead Contractor” must be able to enter into a binding legal contract with CANARIE.
  • The existing platform must currently have one research team using the platform, and
  • The funding applicant must have identified at least one new research team that is committed to using the existing platform to facilitate their research.

CANARIE will not accept applications from:

  • Federal government institutions (federal departments, agencies, or Crown corporations, including their research facilities); or
  • Foreign organizations.

Eligible Activities

Maximum funding available per Research Software Platform development team under this call is $500K, as follows:

  1. Up to $250K for software development required to modify the existing platform to meet the needs of multiple research teams and on-board one (1) new research team. The maximum funding period is 12 months.
  1. Up to $100K per year of post-development platform maintenance and support. This funding period extends to June 30, 2019.
  1. Up to $100K per year ($8,333 per month) for platform maintenance and support for the 15 month period July 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020, subject to successful recruitment of a second new research team by March 31, 2019. (Maximum = $125K)
  2. Up to $120K per year ($10,000 per month) for platform maintenance and support for the 15 month period July 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020 for those platforms that successfully recruit three (3) or more additional new research teams (i.e. total of four (4) or more including the applicant) by March 31, 2019. (Maximum = $150K)

For this call and subsequent calls, preference will be given to funding, maintenance, and support for research disciplines other than those which are currently supported by the platform.

Research Software Platform development teams may recruit the above-mentioned additional research teams themselves, although CANARIE will also facilitate recruitment through a subsequent funding call. This subsequent CANARIE funding call may include funding for:

  • Research teams to adopt an existing platform and/or integrate their software into an existing platform.
  • Research Software Platform development teams to on-board additional new research teams.

Selection Criteria

Projects approved for funding will be selected through a competitive process. All project proposals will be reviewed relative to two sets of criteria, listed below, to determine CANARIE funding eligibility. Projects that fail to meet the mandatory criteria, or fail to meet the scoring criteria to an acceptable degree, will not be funded.

All proposals must meet the following mandatory criteria:

  1. The existing Platform must make use of Canadian digital infrastructure (networking, compute, storage and/or sensors).
  2. The proposed project must contribute to one or more of CANARIE’s expected results:
    • (a) enhance opportunities for collaborative knowledge creation and innovation within Canada’s research and education communities through the maintenance and development of the CANARIE Network and related tools and services;
    • (b) expand the research and education community’s access to and utilization of the CANARIE Network and the availability of tools and programming that increase the effectiveness of its use; and,
    • (c) enable the creation of innovative Information and Communications Technology (ICT) products and services and accelerate their commercialization in Canada.
  3. Software modification or integration must be technologically and economically viable within the timeline of the program.
  4. All funded work must be performed in Canada.
  5. The Lead Contractor must be a Canadian university, college, corporation or other legally recognized entity.
  6. No more than half of the membership and Board of Directors of the Lead Contractor can be composed of representatives or agents of the federal government.
  7. The cost of special purpose equipment MUST not exceed 5% of the total of all eligible project costs. The total cost of sub-contractors and consultants fees MUST not exceed 10% of the total of all eligible Project costs. In-Kind contributions must be at least 15% of total eligible project costs.
  8. Software developed with CANARIE funding must be made available for other researchers to use at no cost, through the CANARIE Research Software Registry at: science.canarie.ca  for a period of 3 years from the end of the maintenance and support funding period.

All proposals will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  1. Extent to which the platform will support new research applications;
  2. Extent to which the project will advance Canada’s capabilities in Research Software development;
  3. Degree to which the project deliverables will advance research in Canada;
  4. Extent to which the project makes use of existing software;
  5. Completeness of the proposed project plan;
  6. Additional costs to users such as license fees or hosting fees; and
  7. The development team’s compute and storage allocation strategy to support external research teams.

Application Procedure

All applicants must notify CANARIE of their intent to apply, by emailing software@canarie.ca by November 30, 2016 at 16:00 Eastern Time. The subject line of your email should indicate that it is a Notice of Intent. The email should contain the name, email address and institution of the person filing the Notice of Intent. If you are contemplating multiple proposals, please send one email for each, and uniquely identify each project.

CANARIE will invite applicants who have expressed such intent to a video conference information session to answer questions about the call and to provide more details about the submission process.

To submit a full proposal:

  1. Complete the Statement of Work
  2. Complete the Preliminary Budget
  3. Complete the Proposal Submission Form and upload the Statement of Work and Preliminary Budget files as instructed in this form.

For your reference, a blank copy of the Proposal Submission form can be viewed here.

Evaluation Procedure

All eligible proposals under this call will be reviewed by CANARIE’s Software Technology Advisory (STAC) and Research Advisory (RAC) Committees and ranked relative to the selection criteria outlined above.

Call Timeline

  • Notification of intent to respond deadline: November 30, 2016 – 4pm ET
  • Proposal submission deadline: March 1, 2017 – 4pm ET
  • Funding decisions announced: May 1, 2017
  • Funding period: July 12017 – June 30, 2019 with potential for extension to September 30, 2020

Still have questions?

Any questions about this call or about CANARIE’s Research Software Program, can be directed via email to software@canarie.ca. All questions that are not project-specific, along with their answers, will be posted to canarie.ca/software/funding/questions so that all applicants may benefit from them.

Application Information: