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Funding: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about this call, or CANARIE’s Research Software Program in general, please email software@canarie.ca. All questions that are not project-specific, along with their answers, will be posted on this page so that all applicants may benefit from them.

  1. Question: Can I propose a platform developed by another team?
    Answer: Yes, as long as you have rights to use/modify the platform and its source code and can demonstrate detailed knowledge of the platform’s architecture.
  2. Question: Can I adapt a platform that was developed outside of Canada?
    Answer: Yes, you can adapt a platform that was developed outside of Canada. However, all CANARIE-funded development and maintenance work related to your project must be completed in Canada.
  3. Question: What if my platform is already re-useable and I don’t need to make any changes?
    Answer: This is acceptable but you will still need to onboard at least one new research team.
  4. Question: Can I continue to enhance my platform during the maintenance period?
    Answer: Yes, as long as your users are supported and the software is being maintained, available maintenance funding can be used to enhance the platform.
  5. Question: Would a research team at a Canadian federal government department be eligible as a new research team?
    Answer: Yes, however no CANARIE funding can go to a federal government department.
  6. Question: Are project meetings and process improvement meetings eligible costs?
    Answer: Portions of internal meetings that are specific to the funded project are eligible costs.
  7. Question: If I’m currently participating in Call 2a, can I respond to Call 2b?
    Answer: If you are already participating in Call 2a, you can respond to Call 2b but you must explain why Call 2a maintenance funding is not sufficient to onboard the new research teams that you are proposing in Call 2b. See Statement of Work for details.
  8. Question: What are the platforms that you are interested in?
    Answer: We are interested in any platform that supports academic research.
  9. Question: Is it possible to get a review of specific software, to see if it qualifies?
    Answer: Yes, please send a request to software@canarie.ca.
  10. Question: Can team members be researchers from both academia and government or only academia?
    Answer: Researchers can be from both academia and government but no CANARIE funding can be given to a federal government department.
  11. Question: Can the developed software be sold to commercial labs or used later on for commercial purposes?
    Answer: Yes, it can. However, royalties will be required to accrue to CANARIE to repay some or all of the funding.  A royalty agreement will also be required.
  12. Question: Would research data preservation and enhanced discovery also count as a research tool?
    Answer: Yes, it would. We also encourage you to visit our Research Data Management (RDM) Program. We currently have a Community Consultation posted with which we are gathering feedback from the community on gaps in research data management. This feedback will be used to determine areas of focus for an upcoming funding call that will be launched late Spring.
  13. Question: Do the results of the research have to be publicly available for a project to qualify?
    Answer: No, but CANARIE will work with PIs to promote selected projects through blog posts, press releases and fact sheets.
  14. Question: Can the same lead contractor submit two or more proposals for the same platform (with different features and on-boarded groups) and expect that both could be funded?
    Answer: Yes, the Lead Contractor can submit more than one proposal for the same platform. There is no upper limit.
  15. Question: Do you require having some of the new users based in Canada within this call?
    Answer: New users do not have to be based in Canada, but all CANARIE funded software development and maintenance work must be completed in Canada.
  16. Question: Are the new users of the platform through this call required to use the new components funded through this call? Or, can the new components be used by existing teams, in addition to bringing new users that may or may not rely on the new components?
    Answer: The new users do not have to make use of new components, but in this case development funding may be limited.
  17. Question: Is there any significant change in the financial aspect compared to the last platform funding call?
    Answer: Yes, financial aspects of Call 2a have changed in Call 2b. Please see the Schedule of Eligible Costs for details. Special purpose equipment is no longer eligible for funding and limits on eligible costs have changed.
  18. Question: How do you define Canadian Digital Infrastructure?
    Answer: This is defined as HPC computing, cloud computing, storage arrays, sensor networks, and the National Research and Education Network (NREN).
  19. Question: Can the platform be specifically targeted for high-performance computing using Compute Canada resources?
    Answer: Yes, it can be.
  20. Question: Is the development of interoperability tools between two existing platforms that are already widely used by other researchers eligible for funding?
    Answer: Yes, but you must demonstrate that the interoperability fills a need and advances research. Applicants are also reminded that the purpose of Call 2b is to onboard new users to a software platform. Therefore, at least some users of one of the existing platforms would have to make use of the functionality available from the other platform and vice versa.
  21. Question: Subcontractors’ costs are to not exceed 5% of total costs.  Does this mean all software development needs to be done in-house, by regular employees?
    Answer: Yes, software development needs to be done in-house.