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Funding: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about this call, or CANARIE’s Research Software Program in general, please email software@canarie.ca. All questions that are not project-specific, along with their answers, will be posted on this page so that all applicants may benefit from them.

  1. Question: Can I propose a platform developed by another team?
    Answer: Yes, as long as you have rights to use/modify the platform and its source code.
  2. Question: Can I propose an open source platform that I did not develop?
    Answer: Yes, as long as the platform is in active use by at least one research team.
  3. Question: What if my platform is already re-useable and I don’t need to make any changes?
    Answer: That’s fine. You will still need to onboard at least one new research team.
  4. Question: Can I continue to enhance my platform during the maintenance period?
    Answer: Yes, as long as your users are supported and the software is being maintained, available maintenance funding can be used to enhance the platform.
  5. Question: What constitutes a different discipline?
    Answer: Please refer to the NSERC Code Tables.
  6. Question: What if my platform already supports multiple disciplines?
    Answer: This is not a problem.
  7. Question: Would a research team at a Canadian federal government department be eligible as a new research team?
    Answer: Yes, however no CANARIE funding can go to a federal government department.
  8. Question: Are project meetings and process improvement meetings eligible costs?
    Answer: Portions of internal meetings that are specific to the funded project are eligible costs.
  9. Question: How do we submit our full proposal?
    Answer: To submit a full proposal:
    1. Complete the Statement of Work
    2. Complete the Preliminary Budget
    3. Complete the Proposal Submission Form and upload the Statement of Work and Preliminary Budget files as instructed in this form.
    For your reference, a blank copy of the Proposal Submission form can be viewed here.