Welcome to the first edition of our new ‘Meet the Builder’ series, where we feature BoosterPack Builders and their stories.

BoosterPacks are free, curated packages of resources focused on specific emerging technologies – think Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things, and Blockchain. BoosterPacks are created by experienced Canadian businesses who have built products or services using that technology and are willing to share their expertise.

Meet the Builder: Senofi

Blockchain: It’s Not Just for Cryptocurrencies

It took 20 years and a trip across the Atlantic Ocean to bring Senofi founders Tsvetan Georgiev and Yanko Zhelyazkov together again. The two IT professionals first met as colleagues in Bulgaria at a company that was eventually acquired by SAP. Afterwards, Yanko immigrated to Vancouver and settled in Montreal, where he reconnected with Tsvetan. The pair founded Senofi in 2018. 

The duo had worked on large-scale enterprise projects in industries that ranged from retail to banking to CRM systems. Tsvetan said that they quickly realized a new technology – Blockchain – had value in the business world and that they could apply the technology to enterprise projects.  

The Senofi co-founders recognized that there was value in using blockchain technology to help companies share and manage their data securely. They thought it could help share secure information during drug trials – a need that became especially relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, explains Yanko, the main application of this emerging technology is cryptocurrency, but it has great value in the enterprise world. 

“We created an intuitive sample solution for a problem that exists in the world of medicine. For example, what happens when you introduce a new drug? The technology ensures that sensitive drug trial data, like patient data, can be securely shared and communicated using Blockchain,” said Yanko. “Every company can use the Senofi BoosterPack to see how that works and understand the benefits of blockchain.” 

The Senofi co-founders recognized that there was value in using blockchain technology to help companies share and manage their data securely.

The Senofi founders became BoosterPack Builders after participating in the DAIR Cloud Program. They were browsing through the BoosterPack catalogue and saw a gap. Most BoosterPacks were about AI and the Internet of Things, among other technologies, but there was nothing about Blockchain. Senofi’s BoosterPack helps users to deploy Hyperledger Fabric – a type of Blockchain technology – in just one click.  

“We wanted to simplify blockchain as much as possible,” said Tsvetan. “It’s like a jump start solution for anyone to start building applications.”  

The Senofi BoosterPack is available in the CANARIE BoosterPack catalogue.  

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Rapid-Fire Questions  

1. Favourite piece of technology you use daily  

Yanko: Mac OS 

Tsvetan: Linux 

2. Who do you draw inspiration from?  

Tsvetan: My grandad – I’ve always had good memories of him, he was a working-class guy, who always got the job done.  

3. What’s the most underrated Canadian business or resource that’s helped your company?  

The Government of Canada. That’s where we found out about the DAIR Program and its benefits.  

4. Where do you connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs or startups?  

Meetup groups in Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver. We’re also part of a network called OpenIDL.