CANARIE Membership

CANARIE Members connect to leading research, education, and innovation organizations and contribute to evolving Canada’s digital research infrastructure.

Member Benefits

  • Marketing, networking, and public relations opportunities
  • Participation in CANARIE’s governance through participation and voting (one vote per member organization) at our Annual General Meeting
  • $2,600 discount on your choice of a CANARIE initiative:
  • Preferential registration rates for the CANARIE Summit for all your staff, students, and faculty
List of CANARIE Members

Participation in the Canadian Access Federation (CAF)

CAF is Canada’s trust fabric for managing digital identities in higher education and research. At CANARIE, we’re proud to operate CAF and connect Canada to the global web of identity federations.

The universities, colleges, and research facilities that participate in CAF trust CANARIE to authenticate their students’ and faculty’s digital identities among research and education institutions across Canada and around the world.

Research and education institutions that participate in CAF gain access to two services:

  1. eduroam, the global Wi-Fi roaming service
  2. Federated Identity Management (FIM), which lets students & researchers access a global suite of research and learning applications, data, and resources with a single set of credentials.
Learn more about CAF

Sponsorship of the CANARIE Summit

  • The CANARIE Summit is an annual two-day showcase for trailblazing visionaries from academia, the private sector, and the public service who discuss their transformative work with an intimate gathering of Canadian leaders in research, education, and innovation.

    Summit sponsors strengthen their exposure to and collaboration with this community through extended networking sessions and opportunities that include brand promotion, exhibition, and the introduction of speakers.

We invite you to become a Member.

The annual fee for Membership is $2,500 plus applicable taxes.

Membership applications are subject to the approval of the CANARIE Board of Directors.

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If you have any questions about CANARIE Membership, please contact us:

Liza Sheehan | Financial Reporting Officer
[email protected]