Located in Montréal, MOXY is Canada’s first Global Exchange Point for research and education and an international gateway for Canadian researchers and students. CANARIE is proud to operate MOXY with support from our partner, NORDUnet.

MOXY enables researchers to collaborate with their peers around the world by serving as an interconnection point for global research and education networks. Made possible through our close partnerships with National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) in Europe and the United States, MOXY connects directly to Europe and augments existing exchanges that connect Europe to New York and Washington, DC.

Who Can Connect?

MOXY exclusively serves the Canadian and global research and education community. MOXY connections are available to:

  • Global research and education institutions (through their NRENs), and/or
  • Commercial entities that directly support or offer services to the global research and education community.

Why Connect Through MOXY?

MOXY is an additional North American interconnection point where research and education networks may “meet” to transfer data, improving the resiliency and redundancy of global research and education networks. Additionally, MOXY provides researchers with:

  • Global research and education institutions (through their NRENs), and/or
  • Added control over jurisdiction of research data: research institutions now benefit from increased flexibility for interconnections through North America.

How to Connect

To connect to MOXY, NRENs and institutions and/or commercial entities that serve the research and education community, please contact our Network Operations Centre (NOC) at Our team will discuss the next steps of the connection process with you.


The current annual connection fee is:

  • 10GE: $10,000 CAD + applicable taxes
  • 100GE: $50,000 CAD + applicable taxes

This fee does not include the co-location, cross-connect, or any other third-party fees. The provisioning and ongoing maintenance cost of any network capacity to connect to MOXY is the responsibility of the party connecting to MOXY.

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