Want to receive $50,000 CAD for sharing your knowledge with other Canadian startups?
Build a BoosterPack!

We’re looking for Builders to develop a set of resources (documentation, a Sample Solution, and sample code) on emerging technologies to help accelerate product development and learning for Canadian startups.  

When we collaborate on our expertise and experience, everyone wins.

What is a BoosterPack? 

BoosterPacks are free, curated packages of resources on a specific emerging technology, built by experienced Canadian businesses who have built products or services using that technology and are willing to share their expertise. 

Why should you become a BoosterPack Builder? 

  • $50,000 CAD for sharing your expertise and knowledge.  
  • Connections to new potential partners, clients and resources. 
  • Recognition for your expertise. 
  • Promotion through CANARIE’s website, social media channels, and community.  


Who are BoosterPack Builders? 

Builders are experienced Canadian entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses, and technologists who have built a product or service using emerging, sought-after technologies.  

Meet some of our Builders! 

How many BoosterPacks are accepted? 

Each year, we fund five Canadian entrepreneurs, or small/medium-sized businesses (with under 500 employees).  We currently have space for new Builders & encourage you to submit your expression of interest as soon as possible. 

Tips to get started:  

  • Use our templates – you don’t have to start from the beginning! We have multiple templates available to make the process simple for you. 
  • Check out existing BoosterPacks to understand what’s required for audience, readability, and content expectations. 
  • Your solution: 
    • Must be 100% open-source (no corporate intellectual property) and cannot include any temporary, free licenses to use or access a proprietary software platform, APIs, or SaaS. 
    • Should be flexible and reusable to provide benefit to a broad range of market verticals.  

Be sure to include:  

  • Details on the problem your BoosterPack sample application is set to solve. Does this problem exist in multiple markets?  
  • One or more specific examples of use cases that would benefit from the solution, and what level of complexity is required to customize it to fit other market needs. 
  • Details on what special equipment is required to demonstrate or use the solution. 
  • Data details (if required):  
  • Where does the data come from? 
  • Does the data contain any PII or is it Open Data?  
  • How much storage is required? 

Builder Conditions:  

  • Must already have the in-house expertise and proven capability with the technology today. 
  • Once your BoosterPack is launched, you can expect 1-2 hours of support per week responding to DAIR users’ questions for a 6-month trial period. 

Target Technologies 

 We’re currently looking for BoosterPacks in: 

  • Augmented/Virtual Reality 
  • DevOps 
  • Infrastructure as Code 
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (model training) 
  • Big Data Storage, Processing and Analytics 
  • Blockchain Ledger (for non-financial use) 
  • Internet of Things (IoT) 
  • No-SQL Database 

The Application and Selection Process 

  1. Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) using this form 
  2. If your EOI application is successful, you’ll be invited to submit a Statement of Work and present an overview of your proposed BoosterPack to CANARIE’s Innovation and Commercialization Committee 
  3. The Innovation and Commercialization Committee selects Builders that will be funded. Builders are expected to deliver a BoosterPack within six months. 

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