Global Research and Education Network

CANARIE connects Canada’s NREN to more than 125 international research and education networks in more than 100 countries around the world. This “network of networks” is the Global Research and Education Network (GREN) that links great minds to each other, and to technologies, research facilities, and data, enabling global research collaborations.

What is the Global Research and Education Network?

CANARIE’s connection to the GREN means Canadian researchers have a seat at the table on global research collaborations:

Our CEO, Kathryn Anthonisen, represents Canada on the Global NREN CEO Forum, comprised of CEOs from leading NRENs. This group works towards a collaborative model for evolving the GREN and its services to meet the changing needs of the global research and education community.

The GREN advances knowledge and discovery around the world.

Our partners in the Global Research and Education Network

North and South America

  • Argentina: InnovaRed
  • Brazil: RNP
  • Chile: REUNA
  • Colombia: RENATA
  • Ecuador: CEDIA
  • El Salvador: RAICE
  • Guatemala: RAGIE
  • Mexico: CUDI
  • Panama: RedCyT
  • Peru: RAAP
  • United States: Internet2
  • Uruguay: RAU2
  • Venezuela: REACCIUN

Asia Pacific

  • Australia: AARNet
  • Hong Kong: HARNET
  • India: ERNET
  • Indonesia: NHERENT
  • Japan: JGN2, SINET
  • Korea: KREONet2, KOREN
  • Laos: LERNET
  • Malaysia: MYREN
  • Nepal: NREN
  • New Zealand: REANNZ
  • Philippines: PREGINET
  • Singapore: SingAREN
  • Taiwan: ASNet, TWAREN/TANet2
  • Thailand: ThaiSarn, UniNet
  • Vietnam: VINAREN

Middle East & Africa

  • Algeria: ARN
  • Democratic Republic of Congo: Eb@le
  • Israel: ILAN
  • Kenya: KENET
  • Malawi: MAREN
  • Morocco: MARWAN
  • Mozambique: MoRENet
  • Qatar: QNREN
  • Rwanda: RwEdNet
  • South Africa: TENET
  • Sudan: SUIN
  • Tanzania: TERNET
  • Uganda: RENU
  • Zambia: ZAMREN


  • Pan-Europe: GÉANT
  • Northern-Europe: NORDUnet
  • Austria: ACOnet
  • Belarus: BASNET
  • Belgium: BELNET
  • Bulgaria: BREN
  • Croatia: CARNet
  • Cyprus: CyNet
  • Czech Republic: CESNET
  • Denmark: DeIC
  • Estonia: EENet
  • Finland: Funet
  • France: RENATER
  • Georgia: GRENA
  • Germany: DFN
  • Greece: GRNET S.A.
  • Hungary: HUNGARNET
  • Iceland: RHnet
  • Ireland: HEAnet
  • Italy: GARR
  • Latvia: SigmaNet
  • Lithuania: LITNET
  • Luxembourg: RESTENA
  • Malta: University of Malta
  • Montenegro: MREN
  • Netherlands: SURFnet
  • Norway: UNINETT
  • Poland: PIONIER
  • Portugal: RCTS2
  • Republic of Macedonia: MARNet
  • Republic of Moldova: RENAM
  • Romania: RoEduNet
  • Russian Federation: RBNet, RUNNet
  • Serbia: AMRES
  • Slovakia: SANET
  • Slovenia: ARNES
  • Spain: RedIRIS
  • Sweden: SUNET
  • Switzerland: SWITCH
  • Turkey: ULAKBIM
  • Ukraine: URAN
  • United Kingdom: JISC

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