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Canadian Access Federation

CANARIE’s Canadian Access Federation (CAF) is the umbrella organization for two identity and access management services: eduroam and Federated Identity Management (FIM).

Participation in CAF delivers meaningful cost and process efficiencies to institutions’ IT departments, end users (researchers, students and faculty), and content owners alike:



CAF allows multiple Institutions to share digital services and eliminates the need to create guest accounts for roaming visitors. This allows Institutions to rapidly expand the range of services available to their users while reducing the load on IT resources. See the current list of Participating Institutions.

End Users

Users whose institutions participate in CAF can let their home credentials be their passport to seamless access to content and services wherever they visit or study in the world.

Content Providers/Service Providers

By eliminating the need for Service Providers to manage end-user accounts, CAF opens the door to a wide audience for your content and services at a lower operating cost. See the current list of participating Service Providers.

CAF Participation Fees

CAF participation fees include both eduroam and Federated Identity Management services. Participation fees only apply to organizations connecting user identities to CAF (Identity Providers).  Currently, Service Providers are not required to pay this fee but must become a CAF Participant in order to make their services available to the CAF community.

CANARIE members may choose to apply their CANARIE program discount to their CAF participation fees.

Tier FTEs CANARIE Members* Non-CANARIE Members
1 20,001 and over $5,000 $7,600
2 10,001 to 20,000 $2,500 $5,100
3 0 to 10,000 $       0 $2,600

(FTE Definition: full-time = 1 FTE; part-time = 1/3 FTE)

Please note that if you wish to offer eduroam to your alumni, Tier 1 fees will apply.

* Please note that the CANARIE Member discount of $2,600 may only be applied to one CANARIE program or service per year. If a member is eligible for more than one CANARIE program, the member may select the program to which the annual discount should be applied. Learn about CANARIE membership.


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