Participate in the Cybersecurity Initiatives Program (CIP)

Why participate in the Cybersecurity Initiatives Program?

  • Because security is a team sport; when we’re each more secure, the entire sector is more secure.
  • The breadth and depth of threat data & analysis gives your team actionable, timely, relevant intelligence.
  • Unique access to a national community of security experts in research and education (R&E)
  • The opportunity to strengthen your team’s security capacity and expertise
    • Integrated training & support 
    • Ability to draw on a national pool of R&E security experts
  • Opportunities to contribute your own expertise and help shape the evolution of initiatives that strengthen the whole sector

Which organizations are eligible to participate?

Eligible Organizations (EOs) can access program initiatives and deploy them at no cost. EOs must be:

  • Connected to Canada’s National Research and Education Network (NREN); and
  • A member of a provincial or territorial NREN Partner and connected to that NREN Partner through an autonomous network; and 
  • A post secondary institution, a non-federal research facility, or a Centre of Excellence. 

The list of EOs is initiative-dependent and will be clearly defined for each initiative. 

How do we participate in the CIP?

There are three steps to participate in the Cybersecurity Initiatives Program (CIP):

  1. A representative from our provincial and territorial NREN Partners will contact all eligible organizations and invite them to participate in the CIP by submitting a short participation form to CANARIE.
  2. If eligible, your participation form will lead to an agreement between your organization and CANARIE called the Organization Cybersecurity Collaboration Agreement (OCCA).
  3. Once this agreement has been signed by both parties, your organization’s participation and eligibility in the CIP is confirmed.

You can participate at any time, but your organization can only access funded initiatives once an OCCA is executed. The sooner you participate in the CIP, the longer your organization will be able to benefit from the funded initiatives.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact our team at: cip [at]

How do we access the cybersecurity initiatives funded through the CIP?

Once your organization’s participation in the CIP is confirmed, your NREN Partner organization will contact you with instructions for accessing available initiatives.

If you have any questions about funded initiatives, please contact a Cybersecurity Program Prime at the NREN Partner organization in your province or territory.

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