Identity and Access Management

Our Identity & Access Management Program securely connects Canada’s higher ed students and faculty to the global eduroam Wi-Fi service and to trusted research and academic resources around the world.

If you’re a higher ed student or researcher, think of it as your passport for staying connected to trusted Wi-Fi wherever you study and meet your colleagues and for securely accessing critical online resources from anywhere.

As the operator of the Canadian Access Federation (CAF), we make it possible for students and faculty at participating Canadian universities, colleges, and research facilities to securely access critical academic applications and services.

Organizations that participate in CAF gain access to two services for their students, staff, and faculty:

  • eduroam, the secure, global Wi-Fi service for the higher ed and research community
  • Federated Identity Management (FIM), the service that lets students and researchers access a global catalogue of research and learning resources with a single set of trusted credentials.

Canadian Access Federation (CAF)

Canada’s trust and identity federation for higher ed and research institutions, enabling students, faculty, and staff to securely access a global catalogue of academic resources and services. Organizations that participate in CAF benefit from both eduroam and Federated Identity Management (FIM).

Learn more about the Canadian Access Federation (CAF)


The global Wi-Fi service that lets students, staff, and faculty connect to the Internet securely and seamlessly when visiting eduroam-enabled sites across Canada and around the world. eduroam is deployed in over 100 countries and available at thousands of locations where students and researchers learn, meet, and work.

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Federated Identity Management (FIM)

With FIM, students and researchers can use the login credentials from their home institution to securely access thousands of trusted online resources offered by academic institutions, research facilities, and content/service providers.

Learn more about FIM & its key concepts: Sirtfi, Entity Categories, and eduGAIN

Support & Reference Materials

Check out service bulletins, technical support documents, event presentations, how-to videos, and FAQs to simplify your experience with eduroam and Federated Identity Management (FIM). Update the contacts we have on file for your team, check out previous issues of our newsletters, and contact us if you need extra help.

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