Welcome to our new ‘Meet the Builder’ series, where we feature BoosterPack Builders and their stories.

BoosterPacks are free, curated packages of resources focused on specific emerging technologies – think Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things, and Blockchain. BoosterPacks are created by experienced Canadian businesses who have built products or services using that technology and are willing to share their expertise.

Meet the Builder: Parabellyx

Security First

Founded in 2018 by Alexander Poizner and Eric Matthews and based in Toronto, Parabellyx are application security experts in the cloud-native environment. The team of 12 treat applications as business-critical elements that must be developed and implemented securely both on premise and in the cloud. Parabellyx specializes in actionable cybersecurity, like penetration testing (conducting simulated cyberattacks) and application security (ensuring that applications are developed with security in mind). This means their focus is on strategic partnerships – helping clients assess their organization’s security standing. Their clients are typically companies focused on app development and cloud technology.

Parabellyx heard about CANARIE’s BoosterPack program through word of mouth and recognized it as a terrific opportunity to leverage DAIR Cloud resources to build Argus. They’ve developed a tool that helps developers secure their code in the initial stages of building applications.

Analysis showed that there had been a paradigm shift in the startup world, the focus is no longer on the servers and data centres – startups today may not even have physical servers. The benefit is that there are no large data centers to secure. However, without a physical data center, all your data is exposed through your app – and the app’s code becomes the most vital element to secure.

Key Highlights

Building security into the development lifecycle is a key success factor for any startup. By implementing security measures early, businesses will save time, effort and often – money. Argus makes improving application development security easier by combining open-source security tools and enabling seamless, automated implementation early in the software development stage.

Rapid Fire Questions

What is your favourite piece of technology that you use daily?

Raspberry Pi screen – I’ve got my calendar, stock quotes, weather and to do list all on one screen – very convenient!

Cats or dogs?

Dogs, obviously 😊

Business Networking

Parabellyx like to stay in engaged with the community through various channels including: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, as well as various user groups and community boards.