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DAIR BoosterPacks

BoosterPacks are free, curated packages of cloud-based tools and resources about a specific emerging technology, built by experienced Canadian businesses who have built products or services using that technology and are willing to share their expertise.

Think of it as a speed boost to get Canadian start-ups and early-stage businesses to market faster. BoosterPacks help you understand and experiment with a new technology quickly so that you can adopt it for your business’s unique needs.

Each BoosterPack contains three (3) elements:


  1. Flight Plan – Concise documentation of implementation and architecture options, key learnings & resources, and a description of a Sample Solution that demonstrates the technology
    • Minimizes the learning curve of new technologies 
  1. Launch Codes – Software code to deploy the Sample Solution on the DAIR Cloud
    • Accelerates initial product development 
  1. DAIR Cloud Platform – All cloud resources required to develop and run a product/service using the BoosterPack’s technology
    • Simplifies access to optimal cloud resources for development, testing and demonstration

What BoosterPacks are available?

CANARIE has enlisted advanced-stage SMEs – “BoosterPack Builders” – to curate their knowledge and expertise with specific emerging technologies. These Builders have either developed commercially available products and services or are subject matter experts contracted by CANARIE. The goal of each BoosterPack is to help you get to market faster by benefiting from some of the tips and resources that helped the Builders, while avoiding some of the challenges they faced in the process.

The BoosterPack Catalogue currently features four technologies:

BoosterPack Catalogue
If there are other technologies that your business could benefit from, please contact us and it will be considered for future BoosterPacks: dair.admin@canarie.ca

What’s the catch?

There is no catch.

CANARIE is funded by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) to spur Canadian innovation and accelerate research and discovery. Resources provided through the DAIR Cloud Program are aimed at providing Canadian start-ups and SMEs a boost toward commercialization. You can use DAIR resources to build, test, and experiment new products, services, and features/architectures.

The only requirement for accessing the DAIR Cloud and BoosterPacks is to provide feedback and insights on the quality and benefit of provided resources. This feedback may be in the form of short questionnaires and/or phone interviews.

Who is eligible to access DAIR BoosterPacks?

Any Canadian entrepreneur, start-up, or small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) with fewer than 500 employees.

What’s included?

In addition to BoosterPacks, qualifying businesses have access to the following free resources for a year:

  • DAIR Cloud Platform: A hybrid cloud environment with access to:
    • Public cloud in Canadian datacenters (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure) for general compute workloads
  • Access to cloud usage and other reports for your tenant account
  • Cloud resource quotas:
    • Each DAIR tenant is granted generous monthly credits to spend on hosted-in-Canada cloud resources or services (including data egress and storage charges)
  • Invitation to an exclusive technical webinar series on cloud services, architecture design approaches, and related topics.
  • Support provided via a private Slack channel for technical support and communication with other DAIR community users.

You may also qualify for additional resources based on the technologies that you expect to build on DAIR:

  • Graphical Processor Units (GPUs) in CANARIE’s OpenStack private cloud: One NVIDIA Tesla P100 (Cuda v10.x) per applicant (subject to availability).
    • Users may make use of the TensorRT GPU-Accelerated Neural Network Inference Library for building deep learning applications that integrate with many frameworks, including TensorFlow.

Applying to access DAIR resources is simple.

To apply, you complete and submit a 1-page form. Applications are reviewed promptly and a response will be received within three (3) business days. Successful applicants will receive credentials to access DAIR resources within five (5) business days.

Applications can be submitted at any time, but in the event that the DAIR Cloud is over-subscribed, qualified applications will be processed  in the order that they are received.
Apply to DAIR


To learn more, please contact dair.admin@canarie.ca.

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