Administrative Support

For Existing Canadian Access Federation (CAF) Participants

What would you like to do?

Add a New Service to Your Current CAF Participation Agreement

CAF participants can deploy:

To add one of these service to your existing CAF Participation Agreement, please complete the short form below. The form must be submitted by an authorized CAF contact from your organization:

  • CAF Signing Authority
  • Primary Business Contact
  • Primary Technical Contact

Edit the List of Authorized CAF Contacts at Your Organization

The CAF team maintains a list of “Authorized Contacts” for each participating organization. It is your organization’s responsibility to keep these contacts up to date by notifying us of changes as soon as possible. There are two categories of contacts:

  1. Those authorized to act on your organization’s behalf when corresponding with CANARIE in relation to CAF, including the:’
    • Signing Authority
    • Primary Business Contact
    • Primary Technical Contact
    • Technical Support Contact(s)
    • eduroam Report Contact(s)
    • Billing Contact
  2. Contacts published in your organization’s metadata, including:
    • Your organization’s “Identity Management System” or “Resource Access Management Policy” contact (published in the Trust Assertion Document and CAF metadata)
    • Sirtfi contact (published in the CAF metadata)

Contact changes can only be requested by individuals with appropriate authority for your organization:

Signing Authority, CEO, CIOPrimary Business ContactPrimary Technical ContactBilling Contact
Modify the Signing Authority
Modify the Business Contact
Modify the Primary Technical Contact
Modify a Technical Support Contact
Modify the Billing Contact
Modify a Sirtfi Contact
Modify a TAD Contact

Join the Research and Scholarship (R&S) Entity Category

Apply for Sirtfi Compliance

Join the Canadian Access Federation (CAF)

Need more help?

For administrative support, please contact: | 613-943-5378

For technical support, please contact:

  • Business Hours (ET) Technical Support – 613-903-4061
  • 24/7 Support – 613-944-5612
  • Email:

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