DAIR Newsletter: November 2021

Welcome to the November 2021 edition of the DAIR Community Newsletter. We have exciting news to share with you!

Upcoming DAIR Webinar on December 1st

We are teaming up with CENGN (Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks) to bring you our next webinar on cloud infrastructure automation, with guest speaker Peter Heath.

Cloud computing is all about virtualization, reach, and elasticity. Infrastructure Automation is the key to rapidly creating, configuring, scaling, and tearing down service components like VMs, networks, and storage. In fact, Infrastructure Automation happens every day with every cloud provider. This webinar will introduce infrastructure automation practices and tools, including what can be automated, how automation really works and key characteristics of the most popular open-source automation tools. The webinar concludes with a demo showing how Terraform and Ansible can work together in a real-world use case.

A little about Peter… Peter Heath is the Senior Manager for Training Programs with CENGN. He has spent over two decades in ICT-based higher education and commercial training – teaching courses at all levels, developing commercial training content and leading programs in both college and industry settings. Peter enjoys all kinds of technologies, all kinds of sports, and many years ago he earned a PhD in Mathematics.  Have a topic you’d like to see us host a webinar for? Let us know! Contact us in the DAIR Slack Workspace, or at [email protected] with topics you’d like to see in future webinars.

DAIR Tutorials

Our updated Tutorial on “How to Use DAIR Cloud Resources: Linux/Windows/GPU” is now available.

This is our most up-to-date tutorial on how to get up and running quickly in the DAIR Cloud. For those of you who are just starting in the DAIR Cloud Program and those of you who are looking for a refresher, this is the guide you need. Coming soon! Be on the watch for our next tutorial on “Advanced Cloud Security” to be released shortly.

DAIR Community Spotlight: BluWave-ai

Congratulations to BluWave-ai on their new partnership with Tata Power!

This partnership is set to bring energy automation to Mumbai, India, after a successful trial period where BluWave-ai’s cloud platform was integral in power scheduling operations for Tata Power. The government of India has introduced legislation requiring accurate energy scheduling to better facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources, prompting Tata Power to begin work with BluWave-ai.

BluWave-ai is an Ottawa-based company formed in 2017 and has since developed an award-winning cloud platform that uses artificial intelligence to help allocate, store, and schedule the distribution of energy from renewable sources. They are a graduate from the DAIR Cloud Program, and a BoosterPack Builder, and we are so proud to champion their success.

We plan for this to be a recurring section of our DAIR Newsletter to share your success stories to the rest of the DAIR community. If you have a story to share, please contact DAIR’s Program Manager, Cynthia Emerson so that we can promote it here.

In case you missed it!

We’ve had a busy year and have lots of great new content for you:

Bits n’ Bytes

Have you heard of the Eclipse Foundation? It’s a global community focused on open-source collaboration and innovation. The breadth of Internet of Things (IoT) open-source projects they have on their website is staggering. If you are developing an IoT based product or service, it is well worth your time to check out the link below and how they might help your product development.

Iot.eclipse.org – Projects – Eclipse IoT | IoT development made simple