Research Software – March 2019 Newsletter

Canadian Research Software Conference 2019

The Canadian Research Software Conference (CRSC) is prepping for its second appearance on May 28-29 in Montreal.

Who should attend CRSC 2019?

  • Active developers of software for academic research (regardless of job title)
  • Computational researchers
  • Doctorate Students and those studying to develop research software
  • Developers of open-source software to support research
  • Researchers with an interest in software development

If that sounds like you, plan to attend the CRSC 2019 where you will have the opportunity to:

  • Join and build the Canadian community of research software developers;
  • Discover new solutions to common research software development problems; and
  • Learn, collaborate, and contribute new solutions to common issues affecting software development for research.

Check out a 2-minute recap of last year’s event and stay tuned for the launch of registration and the call for speakers/posters.

Science Gateways Paper

CANARIE’s Scott Henwood is one of the authors of a new paper, The Global Impact of Science Gateways, Virtual Research Environments and Virtual Laboratories, published by the University of Edinburgh. This paper analyzes the roles of community-developed digital environments and their contribution towards the current and future research landscape.

We encourage you to read the paper, available here .

HUBzero Update

With the HUBzero pilot, we see an opportunity to support research teams that do not have dedicated software development for their research. Our goal is to leverage HUBzero to provide a reusable, research software platform that is capable of supporting those researchers. Currently, we are working with teams at Carleton University and the University of Victoria on our HUBzero pilot.

Carleton University is using HUBzero internally to coordinate research and tasks among team members and external collaborators. Feedback has been positive, as the researchers find it very useful to organize their research.

HSS Commons at the University of Victoria has a hosting agreement in place and is currently deploying their HUBzero environment to production.

We are looking for more teams to become involved in our HUBzero pilot, so if you are interested in joining, please contact us at [email protected].

National Data Services Framework (NDSF) Summit and Research Data Management Workshop Re-cap

The Research Data Canada NDSF Summit and the CANARIE Research Data Management Workshop, held January 23-25th in Ottawa, brought together stakeholders to discuss opportunities, challenges, and tasks for building a National Data Services Framework, and how researchers can use it across the country.

Hot topics of conversation from NDSF were:

  • Continuing to engage and broaden membership of the data management and research community.
  • Building a more cohesive federated ecosystem for research data, governance models, and core infrastructures for data management.

Most discussed topic from the RDM Workshop:

  • Common standards (Digital Object Identifiers, ORCID IDs, APIs, and functionality (Federated Identity Management) and their use in research projects.

Research Software Engineering Community on Slack

Are you interested in a forum where you can meet and interact with other developers of research software from across Canada and around the world? Consider joining the International Research Software Engineering community on Slack. Click on this link and then join the #canada channel.