Applying to the DAIR Cloud

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Thank you for your interest in the DAIR Cloud Program. 


Before you apply, we want to share a few notes with you.

Currently there is a wait period of 2-3 months to be onboarded to the program after acceptance. 

To be eligible for the DAIR Cloud Program you must: 

For a list of services currently available on DAIR, please refer to our AWS Services Roadmap. 

As an active participant, you will have access to the DAIR Cloud for one year from the date of receiving program credentials. 

Once you have been approved for DAIR, we will send you a series of onboarding emails to help you become familiar with the program. Throughout the year, we will keep you in the loop about upcoming features, news, and webinars. Expect to receive and complete a mid- and end-of-year survey to help us gather insights regarding your experience with DAIR. Completion of these surveys is a requirement for all DAIR participants.   

Once you have received your credentials, you will be sent a welcome email to schedule your DAIR onboarding session. This session will provide you with important information on the DAIR Program regarding:  

Email notifications will be sent at the following budget use increments:  25%, 50%, 75%, and 90%. Should you spend your $1,000 budget before the end of the month, your DAIR infrastructure will be locked until the start of the next month. 

Looking for more information? Please check out the DAIR Cloud FAQ page.

You will be given access to our exclusive DAIR Slack channel where you can ask questions of the DAIR technical team or other entrepreneurs. 

You will be sent an offboard date one month prior to completing your time on DAIR. During offboarding, the account ownership will be transferred to you, ensuring a smooth transition, and preserving your workloads. Moving forward, AWS will bill you on a monthly basis. 

We look forward to working with you!