A Case for the Cloud

Sachin Agarwal, Founder

What was the business problem?

IT teams managing business applications often lack cloud comparison tools to compare different commercial cloud services against their own private clouds. In order to gather comparison data, they usually speak with sales representatives or browse online specifications. However, data gathered this way is often not objective and unbiased.  Moreover, the data may not apply to the use-case on hand since cloud providers emphasize their strengths in comparison to their competitors’ products. This mismatch can lead to sub-optimal IT applications that can adversely impact businesses. To prevent costly mistakes, entrepreneurs and business owners need to make the right choices when it comes to the cloud they select, but the resources and time needed to make an in-depth evaluation of each cloud platform is out of reach for many.

70% of CFOs claimed that cloud computing had a groundbreaking impact on their business.1

How does your product solve this problem?

BigBitBus provides API-driven tools to compare cost and performance across numerous cloud providers through a “single pane of glass”. BigBitBus collects performance and pricing information on thousands of cloud services in the market and keeps this data updated. Using these statistics, users can make data-driven decisions and ensure they are using cloud resources in the most efficient manner. Businesses using BigBitBus can continually evaluate and adjust their cloud choices to ensure that they are always making appropriate adjustments to their cloud provider service.

What technical resources did you need?

We needed a robust cloud service that would allow us to remain cloud independent and unbiased in our evaluation.

Why did you choose the DAIR Cloud?

BigBitBus was in a unique position, where we were evaluating the cloud providers we were testing on. With that in mind, we wanted to develop on an independent cloud infrastructure to ensure that we would remain unbiased during the testing and building of BigBitBus. We also had experience with OpenStack, so the DAIR Cloud Program was a natural fit.

How did the DAIR Cloud help you business?

The DAIR Cloud provided us with the resources we needed to develop BigBitBus, while remaining independent of any specific cloud provider.

Beyond the cloud resources, the DAIR Slack Channel and the DAIR community active on the channel have been fantastic. We can quickly communicate with the DAIR team, or any of the other entrepreneurs on the DAIR Cloud, with ease. That is what I consider the biggest draw to the DAIR Cloud Program, as this is the only spot in Canada that has a concentration of entrepreneurs using cloud that can swap expertise and advice in a single and easily accessible location.

What was the result?

BigBitBus is now into beta testing with a small group of clients and users. We are offering a web-based user interface to accompany the API made accessible through any web browser.  We will be looking at scaling our client base and our curated cloud-provider data while adding more options to compare public clouds with private clouds and bringing BigBitBus tools to more people.