A Case for the Cloud

Nima Kaviani, Co-Founder and Director of Technology

What was the business problem?

Curatio is the world’s first prescription for social health. It’s a mobile health platform that connects individuals with chronic health issues to a circle of support, including family, friends, caregivers, and medical professionals, with a goal of better managing ongoing treatment and wellness. As the service accesses a range of information resources, including personal health information, it must comply with stringent regional and national data privacy regulations.

In a 2014 survey of DAIR users, the biggest benefit cited was accelerated time to market.1

What were the potential solutions?

We needed to have a cost-effective solution that also met the confidentiality and privacy regulations of various jurisdictions in Canada and around the world. As we moved closer to a market ready product, we also needed a way to demonstrate customized versions of the platform to partners and potential funders.

What solution was chosen?

DAIR was the perfect solution for us. It allowed us to keep our data in Canada, to manage our costs and to develop and demonstrate customized user platforms. And as we are building a platform for a global market, it allowed us to demonstrate the product at scale, and to do it quickly.

What was the result?

We were able to successfully showcase our product so that partners signed on to the platform, and we have been successful in attracting the funding we need to grow the company and focus on new markets outside Canada. DAIR helped reduce our time to market and allowed us to demonstrate our product at a low cost, with maximum flexibility. Since the DAIR cloud is in Canada, we complied with data privacy and confidentiality regulations.