A Case for the Cloud

Mike Cook, President and Operating Officer

What was the business problem?

We are continually evolving our products, a range of security infrastructure solutions designed for mobile applications. We needed a powerful development and testing environment to ensure our products stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly-changing marketplace.

By 2020, 78% of small businesses will be adapted to cloud computing.1

What were the potential solutions?

There are a range of commercial offerings we could have used, but the kind of testing environment we needed would have been very costly with a commercial cloud service. Buying our own servers wasn’t an option, as we knew we would leverage cloud technologies to allow us to scale our solution to a global market.

What solution was chosen?

We went with DAIR for a number of reasons. With DAIR, we were able to conduct a range of product tests, simulating geographically diverse load traffic and a variety of simulated hacks and attacks, in a very cost-effective way. We also got an unexpected bonus from DAIR – we were able to help our early customers test their application prototypes, incorporating Identos, using DAIR. With both our customers and Identos using the DAIR service, we gained enormous benefits by collaborating with customers on product development and evolution in real time.

What was the result?

One of our customers is launching a mobile application that streamlines the billing process between doctors and the provincial government. They are currently conducting a closed beta test with doctors at four hospitals using the DAIR service. This customer will soon move to a commercial cloud environment and plans to launch their product in 2016. And as our customers go to market, the Identos security infrastructure goes with them!